This is what I saw when I opened my washing machine yesterday.  Yes, this £5 note was stuck on the door waiting for me and when I’d opened it earlier £1.30 fell out!  I laughed, said thank you and got excited! I’ve been doing a lot of work on money myself this last month and part of the process is that you look for any sign that you’re in flow.  Then you automatically add a zero or two onto amount and celebrate as if it was a million!

It’s take us eons to get into the negative place with money that most of us are in.   We have been told for hundreds of years that we have to suffer to get money, suffer to keep money, suffer to save money, just suffer really!!   We are hard wired from families, often church, society, politics that money is scarce, there’s not enough to go round.  Scrimp and save, whatever you heard.   Money doesn’t grow on trees is a typical phrase.  It’s been a great tool to control the masses, keep them hungry and vulnerable and often desperate.

Then we embody these beliefs, they are part of our belief system, in our DNA.  So, throwing these beliefs off doesn’t often happen overnight.  If it does, you’re very fortunate!  For most of us it takes awareness, vigilance and constantly catching ourselves drop into old patterns.

It takes four to six weeks of daily practice for things to change

For the last month I’ve been following a daily practice, becoming the vibration of money.

So what is the vibration of money?

It’s whatever you want it to be.  Money is whatever you project onto it.  You can make it low and dirty, you can make it feel desperate or you can lift it into a beautiful high vibration where it can do what it wants.. to support and care for us, to allow us fun and freedom and playtime.

“If you can only give a dollar, give it with a milllionaire mindset”.  Michael Bernard Beckwith.

You may remember Michael Bernard Beckwith as the braided minister from “The Secret”.  He knows this stuff.  I went to his church in Los Angeles when I was visiting a couple of times and was blessed to meet him. He always greets new comers.   They have three services a day that are “Love streamed” out to the world.  I had never seen anything like it!  There were around 600 people in the service I attended, a band, meditation, singing and the word “God” was never mentioned.  Universe yes, god no.

When he took a collection, a big basket was carried around and Michael BB said “If you can give a dollar, give it with a millionaire mindset”.  The money coach in me Ireally heard that!!

I remember I had a client called Helen who always felt her clients weren’t paying her enough – she hadn’t done my “How to Charge what you’re worth and get it”  course.

I suggested she added a big fat zero onto what she received from them and behaved as if the £50 she had been paid was actually £500.  It worked!  Helen is a super manifester and has done so well clearing her money blocks, debts and so much more.

Five Tips for Manifesting more Wealth!

  1. When thoughts about money are aligned with love, they are so much sweeter and more effective. Before any manifestion go to what Dee Wallace calls your “Love place”.  That’s something or someone that makes you all unnecessary.   A kitten or puppy, a baby, a rainbow, something that turns you into pure love and scrumminess and you melt. Don’t do anything before you’ve had that thought.
  2. Be in appreciation.  This is the highest energy, even more than gratitude.   Appreciate wealth you see around you.  Take a walk looking at the incredible abundance that we see here, the beautiful buildings, stunning gardens, lovely cars and think “Congratulations on your abundance” and appreciate the wealth that is all around you.   You’re aligning yourself with wealth and … the energy of money.
  3. If you catch yourself judging yourself or anyone else about money, and you will, we all do, first of all notice then forgive yourself. Let it flow.  Judgement will keep us stuck and so will guilt,  Both are a massive energy dive.   So, notice, be curious.. Oh, that was a big judgement Rosemary!  Well done for noticing.. let’s let that go, shall we. That’s an old habit, albeit an enjoyable one!  I’ll be writing more on that!
  4. What you focus on expands. Keep a tally.  Write down everything that comes into your life daily.   I have a fabulous sheet that I can share for you to do this.  Email me at and I’ll send you copy.  Write down the £5 note that you find, the 1p on the street, the coffee someone buys you, the free goods that you’re given and celebrate every one!  They will expand and you’re aligning yourself to the energy of money.   Look out for more blogs and videos about that.

If you’ve enjoyed this and would like to know more, I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute Money Discovery Session where we will tap into the well of possiblity in your life and find your next best step to reaping the awards.  Telephone 07967 121167 or book your session here!

Here’s to your beautiful abundance!

Rosemary is a Money Marketing and Soul Coach and has been a complementary therapist running her own busy practice for twenty five years.  She now helps female therapists and coaches to find a happy, healthy relationship with money which is essential to build a successful, profitable business..  She lives in Essex and works online.  Please contact her on to arrange your complimentary Money Breakthrough Session!



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