Do you understand your money personality?  Do!  It shows you your superpowers, where you are subconsciously holding yourself back and so much more.   It’s the one thing I wish I had when I started my business back in 1993 and available to you right now. 

One or the most powerful business coaching tools I’ve found is the Sacred Money Archetypes, designed by Kendall Summerhawk. You work with your top three and lowest of the eight and they give you a deep insight into how you handle money, your potential, challenges and how to move through them and truly thrive.

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My Archetypes have changed recently but the Celebrity was prominent for me and really guided my path for a while. Here’s the story of how this Archetype took me on a journey, but I’m kind of relieved that it’s now been replaced by an Accumulator!

My Celebrity archetype turned up about 2015 when I started running the Essex Business Women’s Experience. The idea came and within an hour I’d booked a venue and I kept booking more rooms until we had the whole place. Eventually, for a small event, we had 45 Stands, three rooms of speakers and workshops. Visitors were delighted and one even said that she had felt “nurtured” .. which made my dominant Nurturer Archetype very happy!

We expanded the next year, taking over the whole of the first floor of the Park Inn, Southend for 2016 and 2017.
My Celebrity, along with my Nurturer and Maverick wanted to do something big, to really showcase the business women of Essex. Celebrity is a great Archetype, we get stuff done, aren’t scared of being seen and get noticed! I even rented a bill board on the A127 to promote the 2017 event! However, Celebrities do tend to spend to get attention! I’m quite relieved mine has gone down now, it was expensive to sustain!

My Maverick cheered on the Celebrity, encouraged the spending and the Nurturer created an event where everyone felt they were in good hands and had a really enjoyable, profitable time. We worked very hard!

The Essex Business Women’s Experience wasn’t your average business showcase, visitors came to “experience” the best of Essex women’s business. We had lovely food, fabulous speakers, interesting stands, even a chill out zone! And we only exhibited woman led businesses and speakers. We existed to showcase the women of Essex and provide what they needed to start or grow their business.

I had my own vineyard for my business!

My Celebrity had rented a row of vines in New Hall Vineyard in Purleigh, near Woodham Ferrers. That meant I received 240 bottles of my own multi award winning Essex win and we had beautiful labels designed for the event. I could give every guest, speaker or prize winner their own bottle of EBWE wine! They were really good colour and print quality too.. Perfect for Celebrity, we love a little pazaz and quality!

So, it was a showy thing to do, didn’t cost a fortune, about £1000 for 240 nice bottles of branded, Essex wine. However, your average Accumulator would quake at that!

With an incredible but very small team, we ran it three times in 2015-2017, just about covering our costs but it was something I think I had to do then it was out of my system.

My dad broke his hip while preparing for the last one and then died 10 weeks later, just before the event so that was part of me letting it go. It was as if the Universe was saying, you’ve done that, move on, there’s something else for you! Plus, it was hugely expensive, never made a profit and took loads of time and energy. So glad I did it but never again!

If you would like to explore your money mindset, do get in touch. I run a group Money Mastermind for women, beginning on 16th June and have various one to one coaching options. Do get in touch by phoning 07967 121167 or book yourself a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Call here!

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