I’ve just realised I’ve had my own business for 29 years today!!

I was congratulating someone on their five year anniversary and realised it’s mine too!

I started in 1993, seeing a few clients for massage treatments in a clinic and then in the spare bedroom of my flat. I was nursing too.  I went full time as a therapist after six years!

Reflecting back today on the journey from masseuse to life, abundance and business coach for empathic women!

I’m especially thankful for the travel I’ve managed to do as part of my business!

I taught aromatherapy in Tokyo, learnt and taught money coaching in Arizona and studied flower essences in Australia!

I had to leave my beloved nursing career after qualifying in 1987 because of health challenges with my hands, so did an unimpressive business degree.

Then, after graduating I did a massage course in 92 as a holiday, fell in love on the first day with the effect massage had on people and that was my new career.

I went on to learn lots of other energy therapies. Worked in many different settings including the NHS which was a wonderful homecoming after having to leave well before I was ready.

Steered by eczema on my hands, I’ve moved sideways and forward. Sometimes I’ve fought the changes until my hands were bandaged then I just had to make a change.

In 2008 I trained as a coach and managed to do my coach training in six visits to Tucson Arizona. It was so worth bending a credit card for that experience in the red rocks!

In 2013 I started Winning Women the networking community for heart centred women. It’s still going strong with an active community.

My business has been my baby. I’ve brought it up well!

I know I can be proud! It’s not the most financially robust at times but lots of lives have been improved and happy, healthy babies (human and business) have been born as a consequence!

Starting your business journey and wondering if you need some coaching and mentoring help?  Do book a call.

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