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I help heart centred business women run the business you love, attract ideal clients and most of all, love the process!

You’re great at your job or in your business.  You get the most amazing results and transformations but something is missing.  Maybe your business has disappeared right now and you’re wondering where you go from here.  Or you just don’t have enough clients of the right kind. Maybe you’re always busy but never seem to have any money or free from worrying about it.  

You’re not alone.  I’ve been there too & I can help you!  I’ve helped hundreds of women find a new, powerful and happy relationship with money, replacing stress and under earning with ease and flow, attracting rich opportunities & so much more lightness and joy!  

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A safe place for us to build our tribe, explore our challenges and learn tips and tricks to make business more fun, supported and easier!   

Learn the way that suits you

One To One business Coaching for heart centred women in business

Fast track Individual Money COaching

You can have the best business strategy but if you’re unaware of those old beliefs that are running you, we won’t get the sustainable success we want.  

Explore your relationship with money, increase your self worth, shed any old beliefs that are holding you back! 

Create your Power House Business Strategy.  


40 Day Online Programme.  Weekly video to your Inbox.  Weekly Live Q & A. Supportive Facebook Group. 

Or tackle the whole course in one hit if you’re that kind of gal.  

Begins 15 January  Super Special Early £297 & 121 Bonus Money Breakthrough Session if booked before 15 December .


You want to be on purpose.  You want clarity and to have the business that lights your soul.  Know what you’re here to bring to the world. 

Take a deep dive VIP day with me.   Let your soul (and the Archetypes) tell you what’s possible and we can start to create it together.  

“This was the best investment of my adult life”. Charlotte Smith, Lotts & Lots 

A system that works…


“Having been a teacher and specialist teacher for 20 years last January 2020 I took the plunge, followed my heart and started my own business helping schools, families and others to fully understand and embrace children and young people with additional needs. I found it so hard to value the services I provide and had a real anxiety about approaching the subject of charging with anyone I was working with.

I signed up for the Money mindset course, not really knowing what to expect. Not only was I inspired by a group of truly amazing ladies, I started to realise that I wasn’t alone in my feelings…that was a huge step for me! As the weeks progressed I found the activities and discussions invaluable in supporting the development of my confidence to appreciate my worth – I change lives!

Rosemary was so generous with her time and I know that due to her input and expertise I have turned a huge corner in making my business profitable and valuing myself as a business owner and someone who ‘CAN’. I know that because I took the leap and paid for the course despite money being tight at the time has changed my outlook and will be worth thousands to my business in the long run. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough – thank you Rosemary! I look forward to working with you again soon!”

Kathryn Miller

Autism Specialists Teacher and Consultant, Clouds and Rainbows

Our household income has doubled in the year since I worked with  Rosemary.
Working with my money archetypes, I become much less fearful about money, I realised I was doing much better in my new mortgage business and my increased confidence allowed my business to blossom.
I left my paid job and even employed 3 people to help me!  My new found confidence in money took the pressure away from my husband (which I didn’t even know was there!) and he then felt able to find a more challenging role with much better pay and conditions.
I really would recommend working with Rosemary – she is my money angel!
Sam Lindsay

Mortgage Advisor, My Mortgage Angel

 I can wholeheartedly say this has been the BEST business decision I have made this year.

I started the day feeling unappreciated and totally fed up with not being paid on time … like I was working for free. I left feeling totally EMPOWERED!! A complete transformation in 6 hours!!

In the 12 days since the workshop all but one of the outstanding invoices have been settled, 75% of my July invoices have been paid and I have secured a new business client today. Bring on August!!! Thank you so much Rosemary … just goes to show Magic can happen when you are in the right headspace. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.


Debbie Potter


Money isn’t everything but it’s right up there with oxygen.

Zig Ziglar

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