This year I signed up for a six months coaching with a colleague.   I sweated over whether to jump in or not, I had a tantrum, I mused for two days then I said yes. It was a big investment for me and the money wasn’t in my bank account.

I wanted her help, I have a job to do, a purpose and a business to take to a new level and although I have everything I need, I really want some support, inspiration, insights and accountability.  The effect hasn’t been instant but after five months, I and my business are coming into the happiest, most abundant, on every level, place I think I have ever been.

This week, as added confirmation I received this from a client who had a VIP with me in January to work on her new business.

“The Sacred Money and Branding with Archetypes coaching I had with Rosemary is the best investment I have made in my adult life. I had reservations about having coaching as I always associated it with a corporate career or an established business and it never felt like it was for me. I have many different strings to my bow and am at a place where I want to join the skills I have together. With Rosemary’s vast experience and gentle guidance I was able to explore different areas of my skills, see my strengths as well as weaknesses and leave the sessions with an exciting and expansive horizon in front of me”. 

Charlotte Smith, Lotts and Lots

My coach is several large steps ahead of me and I trust and admire her

Sarupa is a wise soul, several steps ahead of me, has been through many of the same challenges. Plus she’s more visible and making more money than me and I trust and admire her!  I feel good about my choice.  

I had to juggle to find the payments for the coaching but I was committed and before we even started, I got so much done.  I was ready, focussed and I took full advantage of my investment, which is not small. 

Why should I invest in business coaching? 

We bring a lot of experience to the table.  Like many others, I’ve run my own business since 1993, held all sorts of events, made plenty of mistakes we can save you making, had successes large and small and ridden the rocky, bumpy road of self-employment. 

Coaches provide support and accountability

It’s so easy to drift, especially when you’re now working at home, on your own with every distraction from walking the dog to checking your “Business” social media. 

It’s so challenging to be truly self-motivated when you don’t have the accountability of a boss, a team and a desk where your work colleagues can see you putting the washing on and having that extra cup of tea AND cooking the family dinner at lunch time instead of pricing that job that you’re really uncomfortable about. 

Depending on the coach, we all bring our own style of support.  I often work with Highly Sensitive People(HSP’s) and empaths as I’m one myself .

Some people like the “kick my arse” approach to coaching the “Just bloody do it, what’s wrong with you”?  

I’d rather rub marmite in my eyes than work with a coach like that. I just don’t respond to threats and judgement so that’s not how I coach…    A client recently chose me after watching my social media for well over a year, considering if I was the right person to help her.  She told me she knew I would be kind and wouldn’t judge her.   

I’ve had my share of coaching experiences that weren’t useful so I base what I do with my clients on my most successful experiences. 

Will I get results quickly? 

You may but the best and most enduring and lasting results come with time. The power in a coaching arrangement is ongoing support to implement. It’s great to do a quick course or spend a VIP day with a coach and leave with your new identity and to do list but putting it into action when life starts again, events and personalities get in the way, can be a huge challenge. 

Last year I ran a 12 month group coaching group and the true results started to come for the women after the first four months and really towards the end of the year.   Debbie increased her fees for the first time in ten years.  We held her all the way, stopped her from going back and the fees and her income went up by  a stonking 20% and to her surprise, only lost one client in the process. 

A safe, non-judgmental place to explore ideas  and miracles happened.

We also helped her to sack a client, one who was a drain on her time, energy and emotions and she wasn’t getting paid by the client anyway.  She even manifested a new staff member, after eleven months and put that down to the programme. The women in the group had a space to be heard, to explore their ideas in a safe, non-judgmental and loving place and miracles happened. 

Will coaching keep me on track and moving forward? 

Yes, if you’re prepared to do the work and keep yourself accountable too.

I tend to disappear when I get worried and stressed.  I get all in my head and withdraw and I need an approachable coach who I can get in touch with when I’m stuck and ask for advice.  That’s what I pay for.  Some of us have this with our partner or friends or mastermind group but many haven’t and that’s where coaches come in. 

What will it cost?

My fees start at £795 and the longer programmes can be paid by instalment.  Coaching can be very expensive but it’s a business expense and the true benefit is the change in your turnover and the progression of your business, while looking after your own well-being too. You are paying for the long term transformation, not your coach’s time.

Will I benefit from coaching?

Let’s have a chat and explore what you want, where you want to be and who and what would be the best for you.   If I’m not the right person, I will tell you and we can look at other options. I know lots of other coaches! 

What about a group programme or individual coaching?

Group Programmes and masterminds are wonderful for tapping into the expertise of the group as well as the coach and very satisfying to be part of too.   One to one coaching is incredibly targeted, powerful and immediate and a combination of both is really transformational!

To summarise, coaching can be a huge catalyst to move you and your business forward momentously. You have to put the work in, be totally commited and it’s essential to consider your options and choose the right coach for you. I’ll cover this more in later blogs!

If you are ready to explore choosing a business coach and feel I might be a good fit, do email me on or book yourself a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call here now and let’s chat!

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