Marketing Magic is an AI tool that’s got me creating like never before!  It is without doubt the best investment and the most powerful marketing tool I’ve ever come across in my thirty years of running my own business.

So powerful that I invested about $500 for a lifetime licence and am keen to share this with anyone who wants to listen.

Marketing Magic is an AI Tool, developed by some amazing British women in London. These women are wonderful educators and totally  committed to creating the best tool so we can spend our time doing what we love, not looking at a screen, struggling to create marketing material.

You can check it out and have a free trial here. In transparency, this is an affiliate link so I will get a commission if you choose to sign up. This is the first product I’ve done this for in over 10 years.

Marketing Magic has been easy to master with the help of a couple of videos and the support calls.

The senabled me to quickly input my own blogs and information in my own words then with a touch of a button, in a minute, ideas for all sorts of marketing material from a Linkedin Post to a sales page

What’s held me back creating new products in my business has been the time it can take to get the messaging, the words right.  Then we are told wording has to bedifferent for every platform.

When you set up your account, you are guided to add information about your brand in your own words. There are even tools to help you nail your brand values and mission and content pillars.

The tool only uses your words to ensure that what is created is in your voice, something really important to me.
I was worried also about being accused of plagiarism I’d heard of so there is no danger of that.

I’ve added the wording of blogs that I’ve written myself, examples of my emails and from that, when I hit the create button, to create one of the many possibities,from a sales page, a blog, a Linkedin post, it will be done all in my voice and vocabulary.

Then I simply go through the copy that’s created, take the bits that resonate, delete what doesn’t and make what’s left mine.

So pop over here or a free trial, you don’t need to enter any card details and have a look!   Do let me know how you get on!  Also, get in touch if I can talk you through anything. I may be getting a commercial licence so I can help my clients create content too.

Check out Marketing Magic here! 

When you sign up for a free trial, you’ll be able to do things like…

  • Create a short sales page in 2 minutes
  • Create a lead magnet.
  • Craft a marketing email in less than a minute
  • Research your ideal customer
  • Create a new welcome sequence for your email list
  • Draft social posts, adverts, and blog content to promote your brand
Rosemary Cunningham is a Business and Money Coach for heart centred entrepreneurial women.  Her branding archetypes are Alchemist and Artist so her clients are usually creative and into transformation too!  Contact Rosemary here.
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