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Money, Marketing and Soul Coaching for Talented Women Entrepreneurs

When I signed up for Rosemary’s programme I had just received a redundancy pay out and was setting up a new business as an artist at the tender age of 59.  I had tried several businesses over the years and always ended up out of pocket despite 30 years experience in corporate sales and business development.  I also had a history of receiving lump sums and watching them disappear. Feast to famine was quite a common pattern and the last time I tried to develop my own business I nearly bankrupted myself. So I was anxious about having this lump sum and seeing it dwindle. I had also taken some of my pension out in 2019 to invest in property but that had not been successful and I could see that money disappearing too. I knew I had to change the pattern so I invested in Rosemary’s programme because the alternative was to watch the cycle repeat and the thought of that was terrifying in my 60th year. I needed an intervention.

Working with Rosemary we cleared hidden programmes around scarcity and trust, even though I had worked on money a lot before. In fact, I couldn’t really explain what all the processes were but they certainly worked.  At the end of the course I had not only had some amazing business opportunities come to me, I had  made sales and received unexpected income. I had experienced many synchronicities and found myself feeling totally free of concern about money. Now,  I am completely confident that the money will flow to me when I need it and it is boundless.  

Julie Walsh, Artist at Julie Swan Art

Rosemary’s Money Mastery 1 day course has been the BEST business decision I have made this year.

I started the day feeling unappreciated and totally fed up with not being paid on time … like I was working for free. I left feeling totally EMPOWERED!! A complete transformation in 6 hours!!

In the 12 days since the workshop all but one of the outstanding invoices have been settled, 75% of my July invoices have been paid and I have secured a new business client today. Bring on August!!!

Thank you so much Rosemary … just goes to show Magic can happen when you are in the right head space. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Debbie Potter

Bookkeeper, Brunswick Business Services Ltd.


I’ve had two amazing sessions with Rosemary that were truly inspiring. We covered two really valuable techniques – one getting into the heart of your ideal client and the other a meditation on food – that got me really thinking differently.

Rosemary’s style is to nurture you into self-belief and let you see your business in different colours. She approaches business ideas from a more spiritual and gentle angle, which is clever and resourceful and just perfect for someone like me.

Working with Rosemary has put me much more in touch with my ideal client and my vision and given me confidence to get out there and ‘sell’ my services.

If you’re thinking of working with Rosemary and you want to nurture your intuition and think creatively, then Rosemary is the woman for you.

She will support you to build your self-understanding and develop your business with integrity and imagination.

Caroline Tyrwhitt

NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Resilience Teacher and Behaviour Change Specialist, Free to Be NLP Ltd

Coaching with rosemary is the best investment of my adult life.  Charlotte smith, lotts and lots

 What an eye opener! I am a Chartered Financial Planner and have been on top of the practical side of money for years. There are a few exercises that address this but this course, for me, was far more about my RELATIONSHIP with money. My deeply held beliefs about mone, how some of those views have been influencing my life choices for YEARS..To be aware of those views and repeat behaviours I am not happy with.

Finally it has given me the chance to reflect and make changes for the future I want, my Celebrity now needs to shine!

It was a safe space that allowed me to open up but there was no pressure to talk or put forward our views and opinions. It was great to work with a lovely group that were supportive and insightful.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a better understanding of their money; their beliefs behind money and how this is effecting their choices and for those that want to make changes. This course offers practical exercises to help you take action”.

Hayley Jarvis

Financial Planner

Rosemary’s Money Mastermind 6 week course was life changing. 

Six weeks into the course, I have confidently put my fees up and taken on a new client who was happy to pay me more.

I have set clearer boundaries for my health and business which has given me more time freedom, and to say “No” more, (something I have hugely struggled with) and I’m earning more at the same time. 

Lisa Ferris, My VA, Virtual Assistant



Our household income has doubled in the year since I worked with  Rosemary.   

Working with my money archetypes, I become much less fearful about money, I realised I was doing much better in my new mortgage business and my increased confidence allowed my business to blossom.   

I left my paid job and even employed 3 people to help me!  My new found confidence in money took the pressure away from my husband (which I didn’t even know was there!) and he then felt able to find a more challenging role with much better pay and conditions.

I really recommend working with Rosemary if you ever get the chance – she is my money angel! 

Sam Lindsay

Founder of My Mortgage Angel

I have just completed 3 months business coaching with Rosemary, and I have immediately signed up for another 6 months!  Rosemary is intuitive, knowledgeable and supportive.  Her skills and experience are well aligned with my holistic business. 

Rosemary has helped me explore branding, focus and direction for my growing business.  She knows how to challenge and to reassure, and working with her has greatly fostered my confidence as a businesswoman. 

I now feel much more stable and balanced in my business.  Rosemary has helped me discern where best to apply my time and energy to get positive results and growth.

Working with Rosemary has enabled me to earn reliable income from my business so that I feel able to draw money for savings, spending and family treats for the first time.  I have just booked a family holiday to EuroDisney, paid for by my business profits.  I feel a new sense of financial freedom and confidence.  I would highly recommend Rosemary as a caring and empathetic business coach.

Karen Lawrence

Author and Yoga Teacher, Calm Space Yoga and Reflexology

If you are looking for a coach to help with your blocks around money, self worth and not being good enough, Rosemary is your lady.
Rosemary’s style is very gentle and intuitive.  It is also highly effective.
Rosemary helped me discover my worth and be comfortable with setting boundaries.
Since working with Rosemary my business has grown and I feel more comfortable being visible.
The Money Mastery day was fantastic and the Sacred Money Archetypes scarily accurate.  I recognised I had to go deeper as my money stuff was tired up in a lack of self worth stemming from childhood.
Chelsea Green

Homeopath and Hormone Specialist

I did Rosemary’s One to One Ninety Day Money Mastery course at the beginning of 2019 and can honestly say it has completely changed my attitude and outlook about money.

This in turn has helped me to go from prolific credit card user with no savings to now paying off most of my cards and having several savings pots!

I never realised how our thoughts and beliefs about money could hold us back but with Rosemary’s help I uncovered a lot of things that I never knew and am very grateful for that.

With a growing family we needed to change our spending habits and that’s exactly what happened.

I definitely recommend any of Rosemary’s courses to anyone, she is so understanding and insightful.

Kelly Schrader

Mallow Magic

Our household income has doubled in the year since i worked with rosemary ~ Samantha lindsay, my mortgage angel 

I have just completed 3 months business coaching with Rosemary and I have immediately signed up for another 6 months! Karen Lawrence

I highly recommend Rosemary’s ‘Money Mastery’ course. The day provided an invaluable insight into my relationship with money and how I treated it and subsequently how it affects my business on a day to day basis.

I am now so much more confident in my pricing, prior to this course before even quoting a customer I would mentally discount my price (numerous times!) in my head before i’d even spoken a word! Now i know my value and am happy to quote my actual price!

Rebecca Wisbey

Bookkeeper, Practical Bookkeeping Services

Rosemary’s Money Mastery work and in particular, establishing how to charge your true worth.

Her intuitive style means she usually sees straight through any self sabotage and is instrumental in asking the right questions at the right time. The result? Me answering my own questions – and realising that deep down, I’ve known the answers all along – I just wasn’t listening.
Her calm, supportive approach, is backed by extensive knowledge, study and passionate belief in what she does – Rosemary has also been on her own journey, so has the ability to stand alongside you while you explore the most sensitive of personal situations.

Jo Ellis

Ellis Roadcraft,