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What will spending half an hour a day do for me?

My students typically

🎉Increase their fees

🌼Get really clear on who their ideal clients are

🌼Attract more ideal clients who are ready to pay them!

🌻Feel so much better about setting fees and charging what they are worth

🌷Get brave about money conversations and have them so much easier!

And much more!

In this 5 day FREE challenge you will

🌼 Clear up your money clutter

🌼 Realise what are the unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back

🌼 Focus on the true value you bring to your clients,

🌼 Maybe increase your fees – most of my students do!

🌼 You’ll find those sticky beliefs that stop you moving forward and you don’t even know are there!

And much more.

You can do this alone or join a group of heart centred women who will cheer each other on! Message me with any questions.

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