It’s good to look back sometimes at the years we have spent honing our craft so we can help the next generation to do their thing! I just went looking at my old newspaper cuttings and found a treasure chest. This is when I had just started my therapy business, was still nursing maybe 30 hours a week and was doing everything I could to build my business.

We only had the Yellow Pages, an advert in the newsagent’s window and the local press to publicise our businesses and recommendations of course. There were no networking groups that I knew of until later although we had a therapists networking group and I ran several over the years which helped with support and training but not client attraction. If only I’d known about business and money mindset coaching then!

In this photo, I had just arrived to set up my stand at a health and psychic fair at the Arlington Rooms as they were then. I hadn’t even got changed into my smart white tunic when the reporter from the Southend Echo wanted a massage! Hence the scruffy look!

I built a busy therapy practice seeing up to 30 clients a week.

It didn’t do me any harm, we hear any publicity is good publicity! I had a very busy practice for 25 years, treating up to thirty people a week. I worked in many locations, clinics, schools, hospitals, teaching and even working briefly in Japan! I now provide business and money coaching and mentoring for women like me!

Business and Money Coach Training in the USA

Since 2010 I’ve trained as Money, Marketing and Soul Coach with Kendall Summerhawk in the USA. I travelled out there six times in eighteen months to hone my craft and have trained continually since then with other incredible business mentors like Dee Wallace, Jennifer McClean and Dana Wilde. My coaching incorporates Conscious Creation and all sorts of incredible spiritual business tools which help my clients align with their purpose and the ideal clients they are here to serve. The money mindset work helps us value our services and charge properly so we can have a profitable, sustainable business.

Can I help you with your business? Benefit from all my training, expense, experience and mistakes!

If you’d like to tap into all my years of training, mistakes and experience, do book a complimentary Money and Marketing Discovery call here to explore your business. I’d love to help you build YOUR therapy or coaching business!

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