This week I was delighted to be interviewed by Sarah Kirton on behalf of Mystic Mag.

Sarah Kirton asked me all sorts of searching questions and me, my own relationship with money, why I do what I do and why do I work almost exclusively with women.

Here’s a snippet.  It’s quite a long written interview.  

Rosemary Cunningham “is a healer, complementary therapist and money and business coach for empath and sensitive women!

She has had her own business for thirty years and her personal money challenges started when she left her job with a regular income. She no longer felt safe and from then on she started to create debt.”

“Rosemary helps empath women make peace with money, heal past patterns that are keeping them small and stuck, own their worth and thrive, while doing something they love! She also runs Winning Women International, a community for heart centered business women.”

How has your relationship with money evolved over the last couple of decades?

I discovered money coaching in 2012 when I was looking for an extra income stream. I came across this money course for women and I signed up.

Being a healer myself, I knew as soon as I started listening to the course that it was incredibly powerful and could really heal people. This is when I realized that money wasn’t simply there, it was an energy, such as health or marketing: By directing our energy, we can affect how it flows to us.

I have worked with many people over the last ten years and nearly all of them have happened to be women. Some of them have quadrupled their income, and others have gone on quickly or steadily to create extremely powerful businesses.

You can read the full interview here.   

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I've been interviewed by Mystic mag

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