I’m not doing fear anymore.. I’m taking my ball back, and helping other women do the same.
Enough is enough.
Back in spring 2020, I felt pure fear.  There was so much that we were being told we should be scared of.

I was consumed by fear of what I was being told might happen – dying a horrible death due to my asthma, losing my business, economic collapse, not doing enough to support my fellow humans, etc.

“Come back and live your life fearlessly”.

I kept remembering this phrase Anita Moorjhani’s book “Dying to be me.”

Anita had stage 4 cancer and had a near death experience.

In that NDE, she saw her late father who told her to “Come back and live your life fearlessly”.

I was hard wired, trained to be scared of so many things.

Those words really resonated with me. I was hard wired, like Anita, to be scared of so many things. From the “what would the neighbours think” disapproval of neighbours, the wrath of teachers, parents, any authority.

This had all resulted in my living a life of trying to get it right and not upsetting anyone, or creating waves! I was also really scared of not being enough, not being good enough and also, deeply connected, running out of money.

In May 2020 I got Anita’s book off the shelf and read the passage again.

I had enough of fear, I wasn’t having it anymore.

After this, fear still came back but my awareness meant I could talk myself off the ceiling, make better plans, focus on what was going well in my life…

And although many have suffered and I won’t make light of that, most of us are still here.

What I know is that when women work with me, their fears, especially about money, subside.

They get massive awareness of their own money and self-worth mind-set.

They understand what their dominant thoughts are, where they came from – society, family, culture, religion. Then they get to choose which a better thought, one they want to continue to listen to.

They train their brain to think helpful, happy thoughts which can then magnify the good stuff in our world and LIVES CHANGE.

There is exceptional fear being pervaded again at the moment.

So, here’s my contribution to tackling this money and scarcity fear in the collective right now.

From June 21 for five weeks, I’m running an Abundance and Money Mastermind for twenty women on Zoom, starting on 21st June.

Your investment is a never to be repeated £100. I had a big heart call to do this course now for this investment. 

For this you will get the following. This is designed for my Winning Women community of small business owners but is open to all women!

  • Weekly coaching with exercises that will go under your radar and give you big profound, life changing realisations about you and wealth and abundance.
  • Recordings of sessions to watch later and keep.
  •  A deep understanding of your money personality, from Sacred Money Archetypes.
  •  A plan to go forward and a support and accountability team to work with for as long as you choose.
  • Daily abundance visualisations to get your energy in line.
  •  An accountability buddy to work with to support each other and laugh a lot too!
  • The course is five weekly 90 minute calls on Zoom and recordings that you can listen to any time.
  • Plus an online private Facebook community to cheer you on, learn from each other and GROW!!

I can’t guarantee your results but I do know that if you embrace all the exercise, take part, talk to others, you’ll find you have many more choices, freedoms and you can own your worth, charge well for your services with certainty and pride. From that place of confidence comes ideal clients, aligned direction and more certainty.

Here’s what Karen Conran said two years after completing this same course that I hosted in 2020. Karen started her business early in 2020 and was almost immediately unable to work for many months.

“I undertook Rosemary’s Money program in lockdown. It was transformational in my thinking about money, both personally and for my business.

It unlocked deep seated barriers I didn’t really realise I had built.

Now a two years along, I have opened my own high street premises and I’m successfully growing my business. So if you are considering it, it’s definitely something worthwhile doing and like me you’ll benefit greatly”.

Karen Harvey-Conran, Permanent Makeup.

I hope you’ll come join us. Do message me with questions. There’s more info and booking details here.

Sign up here now and let’s leave those fears where they belong!

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