Carol May – ADHD Coach got so much from my Abundance and Money Mastermind courses for business women that I ran in summer 2022.   Here’s her experience in her own words!
(I also do this money and abundance coaching one to one so please ask).

I joined Rosemary’s Abundance and Money Mastermind group because I wanted to break through my money blocks. I was so tired of trying to create financial abundance and getting nowhere! Somehow, I just knew it was what I needed – and so it proved. AND it was a no-brainer price too!

But I was not prepared for just HOW much stuff would come up and how many of my blocks I would break through! OR, how much of this work connects with daily life and my business!

I realised that not only did I not trust myself around or with money, but I didn’t trust myself in life either. I didn’t like money – actually, I hated money!

So how was I ever going to welcome financial abundance into my life??

Energetically, I was blocking money!

However, with the support of not just Rosemary but also the amazing ladies in the group, I have learned to befriend money, to welcome it in to my life, and to nurture and cherish it!

Not only have I become a money magnet BUT my fear and anxiety around money and my bank balance has disappeared!

As a result, I have clients for the first time in 6-months, and more signing up all the time!

I also have income from other places e.g. pet sitting, kids cooking workshops, cookalongs for corporates and two side hustles!

I am also using some of that income to progress my business – paying other business women with joy and ease.

And with Rosemary’s ability to do distance healing which was part of the programme, I’m also pain free and more mobile than I’ve been in 5 years!

If you have money issues, if you are struggling to get clients, or if money just seems to fall through your hands, and you want this to change, I would highly recommend signing up for Rosemary’s Abundance & Money Mastermind.

Carol May – ADHD Health Coach


I will be running a Abundance & Money Mastermind from January 2023.  Please email me if you would like to know more or book yourself a Discovery Call!

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