When fear freezes you, here are some tips to get you moving again!

On Friday I had a meltdown.  I went back into a very old place of fear. I had a financial decision to make and I panicked, felt ill and sick, palpitations, I was angry and not nice to be around.  

It took me back to a time when I made a poor financial decision, I dropped right back into the same emotions, even though my life is very different now.

Lots of us are feeling scared, it’s part of the collective consciousness at the moment.  Talking to clients, in my networking groups and friends too, I really believe that a lot of us feel fear on a daily basis. 

We live in a climate of fear.  Our economy thrives on it.  How many insurance policies do you have?  I have professional insurance, household, car, pet, my life is insured, critical illness maybe.  These are all sold on the fear that something unpleasant will happen. 

Growing up in fear

I remember being terrified at school.  I’m what is now described as a Highly Sensitive person.  We are empaths and experience life deeply and are always very connected to other people and their feelings.  Back in the 70’s, it was acceptable for a headmaster used to pace the dining room with his cane up his sleeve and although I personally would never have done anything to have warranted a chastising, I was so terrified for anyone else who got caught.   

Some Tips for Dealing with Fear!

After talking myself out of a huge fear episode on Friday and coming to a much more peaceful place, here are my coaching and therapy tips for dealing with fear! This list is just my take, please get some professional help if your life is being affected.

Flower Essences.   

I have prescribed Australian Bush Flower Essences for therapy and coaching clients for many years and the effects are usually fast and dramatic.   I took two on Friday, Grey Spider Flower which is for fear and terror and Sturt Desert Pea which is a grief remedy. 

The spark for this fear was when I was a coaching client years ago, feeling stuck on a cliff edge, where I was feeling trapped in a contract and struggling to pay my coach.   This was a painful, deeply humiliating time and mixed up in feelings when my mum and sister had died too.   I took a good slug of these two remedies and felt so much lighter that I forgot I’d taken them!   Rescue Remedy from your local chemist will do too. 

Write it down, journal your feelings.

Put pen to paper and write down what this is about.   What am I feeling?  Just get all the thoughts out, take a little time, don’t filter, and just write everything down.  You’ll start to see what’s really going on.  

Write a letter of release or forgiveness

Anyone who has worked with me will at some time write a letter of forgiveness.   When we are holding onto old hurt, pain, guilt, shame, anger, resentment, you name it, our default is to attract more of the same.  

Write a letter to the person you’re angry with, it could also be written to you if you’re angry with yourself.  Write everything down, get it all out, make the air blue then read it out loud so you can hear yourself.  Then burn the letter, safely of course!   This process is very powerful, I’ve literally seen miracles happen.  I wrote one, burnt it and three days later got a letter back from the recipient, as if they had received the nicer bits of my letter.   Energetically your feelings are released and the ripple goes out and will affect the person concerned. 

Breathe!  Take a few Oxy Breaths. 

When we are tense, our bodies are on red alert and we are living on adrenaline and stress hormones.   Allow some deep breaths and breathe out with a big loud “haaaaah”.   Four of these, with a little smile on your face will start to take you from adrenaline to a much healthier place of oxytocin, the healing hormone. 

Get out in nature, get grounded. 

Nature really is the biggest healer.   The creative pathways in our brain are blocked when we are in extreme stress which stop us finding good solutions and will be helped if you get outdoors, breathe deeply, and notice your surroundings.  Get your bare feet on the ground if the season allows but generally be very aware. Look at the clouds and the stars, marvel at the moon, wonder at it all.  Lose yourself in a flower.   Your vibration will lift and when we are in a calmer state we can find better solutions. 

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