Mindset Monday is back, firstly in the Winning Women group and shortly on wider circulation!

Every Monday in the Winning Women group and shortly on Youtube, I’ll be doing a short video, sharing some quick, fun and easy ways to train your brain to allow your life to be much more of what YOU want.  For me that is fun, light and easy and attracting wonderful ciients and lots of inspiration!

Mindset Matters Most!

Everything we do is massively affected by what we are thinking, how we are speaking to  ourselves and others.

In short, the first thing we can do to help ourselves have happier, easier lives is to monitor out thoughts and do whatever it takes to have better thoughts and conversations.

Brain Science time

Why is this so important?  Brain Science time!   (If you want more, have a look at the book by Dana Wilde “Train your Brain”  and “Born” by Dee Wallace.  These amazing women have been my two  mentor on this subject and are encouraging this work to spread far and wide!

In our brain, we have a litte cluster of cells called the Reticular Activating System. This is your brain’s matchmaker.  It works hard, sifting and sorting all the millions of stimuli that are around us all the time, showing us the ones our brain thinks we want to see more of.  It’s our faithful servant.
Your brain registers what your dominant thoughts and conversations are, decides those are what you want to see more of so filters out all that isn’t reinforcing those thoughts.

So, if you are constantly thinking that the world is a nasty  place, full of unpleasant people, you’ll be shown more of those.

Tell your brain what to think, give it good direction

If you are thinking and saying that there are lovely people everywhere, eager to be helpful and kind,then you won’t be disappointed either.

Our first step in creating the life we is to become very aware of these thoughts.  Then ask ourselves, is this wnat I want more of?  Do I really want my brain to show more more of this?

Then, with this awareness, we can choose to find better thoughts.

We can find a way to talk about our situation in a way that feels good.   This will start with acknowledging things as they are – or your brain will think you’re lying.

” It’s been hard this week, I’ve been seeing so much struggle all around me.  Sometimes it’s really difficult to be  positive.

BUT  I know that my brain is my servant and that I can choose to think one thought at a time and train my brain differently.

Note. (When we use the word “But” it negates everything that comes before it.. so you can say your truth then follow it up with something hopeful that your brain will act on!)

I sense a shift happening, I know I can tell my brain that I want to see more happy positive signs and I can really sense that shift happening a bit more each day.

This has really changed my life and wellbeing in tbe last few months when I have been practicing it daily.  I know that we teach what we need to learn most ourselves so I’ll be sharing this every week!
This can take a little time to become a habit, we are overcoming millenia of conditioning to focus on what’s not right, look for the danger, to be scared.  But now we take charge and powerfully choose something different.

Come and join me, train your brain for a happier, easier, more successful life and business!

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