11 Marc 2024, 9.30am  in Leigh-on-sea, Essex.  A one day workshop for business women about you and money.

Are you ready for a shift in your money mindset?   Ready for more wealth and less worry?  Ready to have confident money conversations? To truly value yourself and your gifts and price your offerings accordingly?  To feel rock solid about your pricing and even increase your prices?

Here’s a one day course that I create each year for my Winning Women community to bring a new, refreshing attitude and energy about self worth and money.  It all starts with us, our relationship with ourselves, where we are still holding shame ourselves about our self worth.

The course is a special Winning Women investment of £100.  Book here now! 

On this day we will take a deep dive into the language and energy of money.  When we are aware of our own triggers and stories, we can quickly catch ourselves and tell a new story which can bring new results very quickly.

  • You will
    Write your money story. Reflect on what you were hearing, feeling and seeing demonstrated when you were growing. up.  What was demonstrated to you?  Maybe you were told money doesn’t grown on trees or rich people are corrupt?  This gets your thoughts flowing and will bring massive awareness.
  • We will do a visualisation where you actually become money and can ask your own questions to deeply understand it.  This brings huge revelations for many.
  • We will look at what kind of a friend we are to money.  Do we treat it like a friend or a cast off?  This exercise always brings huge aha moments.

And whatever else we have time for!  There will be an opportunity to book a one to one Money Breakthrough session after this for a special investment and to do deeper work for those who feel the call. Others will get just the shift they need from the day.

When we show up a different way,and truly know who we are and what we are here to bring to the world, ourselves and our clients, then we are attractors.  We stay in our light pillar, our beautiful heart eminates and our vibration goes out like pheremones, sending a breadcrumb trail to those who have soul contracts to work with us at this time.

There are no accidents, it’s up to us to be in our own energy and be available.

So come and join me sharing a day about the Energy of Money on 29 February in Leigh-on-sea.  A small group of heart centred business women will gather to laugh, play and explore who we are, how money fits wth us and how we can be the person to receive and welcome much more!  You can also join by Zoom link.

Pay £100 here now or email me info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or phone 07967 121167

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