Would you love to stand out in a crowded, busy market with a business that gives you the joy of working with your unique gifts and talents?   A business that is so uniquely you that your ideal clients are attracted to you, without having to chase them?!

Branding with Archetypes helps you uniquely position yourself so that you can play to your greatest strengths – it also lets you know what they are!
This day helps you

  • be crystal clear about your personal brand,
  • to deeply know what your purpose is at this time,
  • who your ideal clients are, who you are here to serve
  • AND what you’re here to bring into the world through your business.

When I was at a career crossroads recently, not sure of what direction to go in, I did my Branding Archetypes again and instantly had so many insights.

So if you are feeling creatively stuck or just ready for some inspiration and clarity, Branding with Archetypes is for you! 

Join me and five other women on a powerful workshop on 15March in Leigh-on-sea.  

  • You’ll take an assessment which will show you which two of these twelve archetypes represents and embodies you and your business.
  • The information, imagery, words, feelings on the cards will show you how your brand is totally unique.
  • I’ll lead  you through visualisations where you connect with your past and future ideal clients and they will tell you so much about why they worked with you and the results you gave them. This information is gold dust for your marketing!
  • You can even give your two branding cards to your designer when they are creating your logo, website etc so they really reflect your uniqueness.
  • Finally!  Women I’ve worked with have described this as the best investment of their adult life.   The lights have gone on, they have felt true certainty for the first time.

With that clarity you can

  • create the brand that totally reflects you, your values, opinions, uniqueness
  • find the colours and feelings of your brand
  • get the excitement of your unique creation.
  • and so much more.
  • The Archetypes also tell you how to talk to your ideal clients, those who you are here to serve.  For example most of my clients are Alchemist, Humanitarian, Artist and Sage archetypes.  The cards supply lots of words and phrases that are attractive to these archetypes so I can incorporate them in my copy so it appeals to those I want to attract!

This is a special event for my women’s Winning Women community.   So many are feeling challenged at the moment and seeking clarity so the investment for the day  is £100. Save you spot now!

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