I rarely know in advance what I’m writing for Money Mindset Monday and I woke up from a cheeky nap with this in my head. I know if I’m feeling this “Who am I to teach this stuff, then some of you are feeling something similar so here’s today’s blog!   

I’ve been doing Money Mindset and business coaching for a few years now and this has often crossed my mind… but I don’t normally mention it!  Sometimes it freezes me so I just don’t blog that week or I have a good intention but it gets too late to post and ”Who am I to?” wins that day.  Anyone resonating?!  

What’s your “Who am I to…. Fill in the blank?” 

I’m sure we all have one.   It’s great for keeping ourselves small and safe, not putting our heads above the parapet so we aren’t knocked down.   

What’s this really about?  What’s the belief behind this?  

I did what I always do now and I went to the core belief statements that I use with clients to find the belief behind the situation we’ve created.   (I learnt about these sixty core beliefs from Dee Wallace, my Conscious Creation mentor.  You might remember her as the actress who played the mother in ET back in the day and she’s spent thirty years investigating what holds us back and how we can overcome it).

The Core Belief is   “I don’t ask if there’s no guarantee that I’m going to get it.”

This belief means that if we aren’t certain of success in something, whether applying for a job, writing a popular blog, then we don’t even try.  So when I’m feeling that I’m really not good enough to share any money insights, it’s easier to share nothing rather than put myself forward with the risk of being ignored or people not commenting on the blog!   Ha-ha, I’ve just caught myself on my own BS! 

Sometimes I look at my work diary or bank account or compare myself to another coach who seems to be doing better than me and feel a bit of a failure and that can be paralysing! 

How can I feel good enough?   This is how I got this blog written today!

  1. Get into your body.  Do something to get out of your head and into your body.   This afternoon I pranced down the hallway, Miranda Hart style!   It felt very silly, made me giggle, lifted my energy and worked a treat!  Do whatever you need to get out of the 10% of you that is your head and into the 90% of you that is your body. We spend most of our time in the 10% and it’s not a good place for getting creative.   
  • Honour yourself for our own uniqueness, all the training, experience you have invested in. No-one else can be you. Congratulate yourself for actually being visible and fearless enough to share.   It take courage to run your own business.  You’re a pioneer, acknowledge yourself for it, every day, please! 
  • Focus on all the clients you have helped, rather than those who don’t choose to interact with you or work with someone else!  Our brains are trained to focus on what’s not right and it’s so easy to ignore the testimonial that arrived from a client just yesterday and move straight on to the next thing to worry about.
  • Feel that discomfort and do whatever you need to do anyway.   I’ve trained myself now to switch on my computer and start to write.  I might look at a blank screen for a minute or two but sometimes a photo pops up to inspire me and when I start writing something comes from the chaos and people have liked and responded to what I’ve written.

I may add to this but for now, I am good enough and I’ll post this while it’s still Money Mindset Monday!

I am Business and Money Coach for heart centred business owners and would love to chat if this resonates with you! Book yourself a complimentary Discovery Call here! https://rosemarycunninghamcoaching.as.me/

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