Right now, maybe you’re having to rethink your business as it’s just not working anymore.

I really know what it’s like to realise that your income and security and getting paid for what you loved has gone, whether temporarily or permanently.  I feel for you.  I’ve lost all my income overnight more than once.

If you’re being called to reinvent yourself and your small business, I’m going to share what helped me to readjust to a new normal, recover and thrive.

These last three weeks, I’ve had the joy of doing reinvention calls with some amazing women.  I’ve been helping them find a new way forward when their business has changed overnight and they have no idea how to move forward. 

The world has changed massively this month and maybe like me, you’ve been wondering who you are in the new world?  Will things ever go back to “normal?” and indeed what will normal be and do you want to go back there anyway?

Three weeks after I qualified as a nurse, aged twenty three, the Occupational Health doctor told me that eczema on my hands, acquired during my training now meant I was unfit to nurse.  I was reeling, my career disappeared in a minute. I adored nursing but it just didn’t want me so I eventually retrained and found a new career that I loved.  

I’ve had many more reinventions since I started my healing business in 1993, for example when as a massage therapist my hands were bandaged with eczema. Now I’ve at last embraced using my 27 years in business to serve as a business and money coach, my hands are happy at last!

How can I move forward?

Allow yourself to grieve and allow yourself to break so you can bend

You must allow your emotions to come through.  Get them out, then pick yourself up.  My need to change often left me ill so if this is you, seek the help you need and take as much time recover as you can.  You may already be in a state of anxiety and exhaustion and if this is you, listen to your body.  You can’t fight it.  Learning to love and care for yourself is part of your reinvention.

Ask for help and expect to receive the help you need. 

We can be so good at giving, looking after others and women especially have real challenges receiving help.  People want to help you but we have to learn to ask and to receive.  There is so much complimentary help available and in Winning Women there are opportunities to swap services too. 

Take a little time to settle down.

Some people are ready to move quickly forward with certainty, adapting with ease.  Others aren’t. I had always been working so hard that until my hands were bandaged, I didn’t want to think about a new way forward.

Stop and breathe.   Feel into who you are, what lights your fire. My Branding Archetypes are fantastic for this. 

We can make very hasty decisions, totally changing our business and ideal clients when only a few adaptions were needed and the market given time to settle.  So, stop, breathe, and let things settle a little.  Book a call with me if you would like some help with this.  

Right now the world has changed so much and is in total chaos.   We don’t know how things will unfold day to day, let alone the next year. 

Honour yourself as the expert you are. 

This is a time where you have to take exceptional care of yourself…   You’re the talent in your business even it might not feel that way at the moment.  This is a time when you take a look at your talents, find who you really want to be going forward.  

Ask what I need to do to really treasure myself. It’s critical right now.  Decide what habits really feed your body and soul. Start some new habit that you will set you up for happy success and will never change. 

Ask where’s the silver lining in this?

What if this situation were a catalyst for you to create a new income stream that can now be a permanent part of your business?  Going online will help your business be solid and not tied to a location. You can now be location independent…  If you lose your working premises or have to move to care for your parents, you have just strengthened and protected your business for the rest of your life.  

When you’ve recovered, you’ll be ready to move quickly and things will fall into place. 

Help is available, expect it to be there and it will be.  You’ll have new things to learn, get used to trying them out quickly and moving forward and always believe that you are stronger than you know and that whatever is rightfully yours will not pass you by.

Book yourself complimentary a Reinvention or Rediscovery Call with me and let’s explore where you are, what’s important and start finding your way forward. I’d love to help you. https://rosemarycunninghamcoaching.as.me/

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