I wrote this blog back in March this year and felt to urge to dust it off again as I’m seeing the fear come back in some peoples’s eyes. An elderly lady pulled back about three metres away to let me pass yesterday. We know a lot more now but there is a lot of fear out there so here are some tips to rise above and stay healthy!

This morning on a coaching call, the first words from my lovely client were “I’m really worried about the corona virus and how it’s going to affect my business and my life”.  

Corona phobia had got her.

I’ve caught myself these last few days getting tempted to build up an emergency supply of food. Well, I live alone, I’m vulnerable!

Yes, me too!  Then I put it all down, apart from a bumper pack of organic porridge oats and bought some top quality anti viral essential oils, a spare bottle of Echinacea, ginger, lemons and garlic instead and told myself a different story. Nothing I don’t normally do this time of year.

Fear feeds the “C Word” by giving it a lot of energy.  

Taking sensible precautions is one thing, washing our hands, distancing ourselves, wearing a mask but I sense mass panic and insidious fear brewing, being fed by media reports and a lot of conversation too.   Sensible people are getting swept up in fear and giving the “C Word” a lot of energy.  

Stress and worry will make us more vulnerable to illness

We are always more prone to sickness when we feel under pressure, think how many get ill when they finish work for the Christmas holidays.  Stress is the biggest creator of disease, leading to inflammation and all our body systems can become vulnerable so the best thing we can do is control our stress by telling ourselves a different story. 

We’ve been taught that we aren’t in control of our own lives. 

When we are little, our parents are in charge. Later it might be our god, or our employer, our partner, the doctor, the government.  Taking control does not always come naturally to us and whatever we think, many of us tend to be happiest when someone else is in charge, even if we don’t like them very much. 

Focus on creating the reality you want, not the one you’re told is the danger.

At the moment the suggestion we hear in the media is that we are vulnerable and can easily become victim to all sorts of illness.  It’s the “cold and flu season”, have a vaccination, we hear words like pandemic so we must expect to catch illnesses.

The more you can direct yourself to be the power that creates your own life, the healthier and more protected you can be.

Take control and direct your body and thoughts every day to diffuse any Coronaphobia that creeps in.

Tell yourself when you first wake up and whenever you find you’re in doubt, “I am strong, my body knows how to protect itself. I am creating a strong immune system, I am perfect health and wellness and I am in control of my life.

Tell your family and friends that they are strong, they have a powerful immune system that is wonderful at looking after them. 

You can even imagine a team of little men cleaning up any rogue viruses in your body.  I’ve managed to leave a few colds behind that way.   

To finish here are some practical health tips from my therapist self!  Please check these out with a pharmacist if you have health challenges or are taking medication. 

Have a bottle of Echinacea in the house, it’s amazing for fighting any virus if you’re feeling vulnerable.  The tincture is the best way to take it.  Sambucol is another remedy that can be really helpful.

As an aromatherapist, the two best anti-viral oils I’ve found are Ravensara Aromatic and Eucalyptus Radiata from Fragrant Earth in Glastonbury.  The pair work really well together and are a powerful synergy, a drop on the sole of your foot will be absorbed quickly. 

Raw ginger and garlic are great antivirals.  Keep a stock of these.  Chopped ginger in hot water with lemon and some Manuka honey makes a fabulous tea.

Homeopathy has a great track record against flu too and you can phone an online pharmacy like Helios and they will send remedies to you. My lovely homeopath, Jackie Hopper keeps me supplied with remedies, just in case!  I’m not buying into the fear but I do like to be prepared!

Remember, you are strong, you are healthy and you are resilient! 

Rosemary Cunningham is a former Registered Nurse and spent twenty seven years working as a complementary therapist, using massage, aromatherapy, Bowen therapy and reflexology. She is now a Money, Marketing and Soul Coach, supporting passionate, ambitious women to run the businesses that are aligned with their highest purpose. Her former careers all come together to provide intuitive, common sense and heart centred marketing and money coaching for her clients.

You can book a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Session and speak to Rosemary about your business here! https://rosemarycunninghamcoaching.as.me/

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