How I transitioned to working full time as a therapist.

So many therapists would love to leave the day job and therapy work full time and be well rewarded.
It took me six years to transition to being a full time aromatherapy/reflexology and Bowen practitioner and then I treated twenty five or so clients a week for many years.

Here are a few tips on how I went from treating one client a week to full time therapy work. I could write a book on this so do look out for more and post me a question in the comments please!

Be open to all possibilities.

I was totally committed to being a therapist and I would probably done anything to be successful in the beginning! Although I worked from home, if a new place to work came up, I accepted it. I worked in an osteopathic clinic one day a week for ten years and had three regular massage clients there that came every week, maybe forty five weeks a year. These were retired people with disposable income and I saw them all on a Thursday. Thursdays paid my mortgage for many years. Regular clients will do this for you.
I worked in a physiotherapy clinic for ten years. I’ve worked in Occupational Health doing treatments for staff, I’ve worked in a chiropractors and nursing homes and residential homes for people with learning difficulties.

Be open and tell that Universe that you’re open to all possibilities then see what shows up!

Write for local magazines and repurpose your work.

I wrote an article each month for local magazines and paid for a small advert in the publication. This got me known as the “go to person” in the area and kept a steady flow of clients. Now, you can write blogs instead or regular short articles and post them in on numerous Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just write one good, informative article aimed at your ideal clients each week and repurpose it to go in multiple places.

Know your Ideal Clients and Market only to Them.

Get clear on your ideal clients and these will become the groove in your record. You can’t please everyone or be everyone’s therapist. These may be people with a special interest or condition or it may be those who can afford you and you love to work with them. Do ask me if you want help with this.
I continually used to hear therapists say that people aren’t prepared to spend money on their health. If that’s you, you’re marketing to the wrong people. Write and speak to those who do value therapy, are prepared to invest in their health.

You aren’t here to keep your prices so low that everyone can afford you as one therapist said to me. That just leads to getting broke and frustration when people don’t value you and your service.
As one therapist to another, I hope that’s useful.

Teach what you know.

I ran Reflexology and Massage courses for friends and family, couples massage courses and collaborated with other colleagues, hosting courses on Indian Head Massage and much more. I kept the teaching very simple, advertised and when I had enough takers ran a course. Numbers were small as my treatment room was tiny but it was really satisfying work, built trust and got me known to long term clients. Set your prices high, you’re teaching a skill that changes lives. Value it.

I am now a Money, Marketing and Soul Coach, specialising in working with therapists and coaches so do drop me a line or book yourself a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Call here! I would love to hear about your business and help in any way I can!

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