We need your old football boots for Africa!

As well as running my own business, I volunteer for the Mumba Children’s Project. Over the past five years we have collected hundreds of pairs of football boots for Africa. They are sent to many teams in Zambia and are always massively appreciated.

A pair of football boots really does change a man’s life.

We now have hundreds more men, boys and just a few girls would love your old football boots, strip and any other equipment too!

Football boots are also currency for our charity.  The footballers are very happy to help the Mumba Children’s Project in exchange for football kit and have nearly finished making, 6000, yes six thousand bricks, by hand for a much needed sanitary towel factory which will be built soon! They also will be digging the foundations and in return will be the proud owners of nearly new football boots and kit! Other teams have dug a garden, transported donations and much more.

A second hand pair of football boots in Zambia costs the equivalent of a week’s wages if you are fortunate enough to have regular work.

When I first met these young footballers in September 2015, I had just arrived in Zambia for the first time, it was dark, late and I heard, “the footballers are here, they’ve come to meet you”. They wanted to thank us for sending football equipment to them.

Then one of the captains came to me and said, “Rosie, can you get us football boots? We don’t have football boots”.  

They gave me a list of the names of their first team with all the sizes.  Interestingly most of them are size 6 to a size 9 at the biggest. This has been a challenge as a lot of British young men are now size 9 and above.

Playing in bare feet.

We went to watch a match in Zambia, I didn’t see anyone in proper football boots. The ground is rock hard and several were playing really well in bare feet.

We need your old football boots, training shoes and any sport equipment!

Do you play for a team? Do you have children who have outgrown their boots?  We have an unlimited demand for good quality boots, in children’s sizes and adult sizes up to size 10.

So, if you have access to used football boots in good condition, or new ones, please let us have them!  Football Boots for Africa is an ongoing project as boots wear out quickly, especially playing on the rock hard African ground so please get in touch at any time.

You can contact me, Rosemary on 07967 121167 or info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk


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