In a hurry to get your business going?  It’s just too slow and you’re ready!  Sometimes we are just ready to act and get things done.  The time is right, your energy and motivation are at an all time high and you want to get going.

Come and spend a day with me now and let’s get you up and running!  Investing in a day  of coaching, just about you, your life and your business can be the best business purchase you ever make.  You’ll get exactly what you need right now, in one day.

Not only have I spent twenty six years running my own business as a therapist and coach, I’m a  Money, Marketing and Soul Coach with the tools to help a determined woman entrepreneur get up and running now!

Yesterday I spent the day with a new client who had been marketing her new business for a year with not much happening.   We got really clear on so many things in the day and she left with determination, certainty, commitment and a plan.  The bonus was that when she got home a new client was waiting for her!  When we commit, get in alignment on every level, energy shifts and the magic starts to happen!  And that’s where I come in.

I’ll help you with practical things like

  • You’ll get so clear on who your ideal client is that he or she has a name and you can have a conversation with her whenever you want.  You’ve made a connection, you’re in her head!
  • You’ll know where to focus your marketing, what will work for you and then you can let the rest go, leaving time and space for what you enjoy and what really matters.
  • Creating your unique system and products, packaging your services into a form that your ideal client loves and is happy to invest in.
  • You’ll set your fees, get right behind them so you can quote them with confidence, knowing that you’re giving great value and your clients will get the transformation they are looking for.
  • You’ll make a plan you love for the next few months and if you want my help to implement, we can arrange that too.

Any of these can be a day of coaching so if you’re in a hurry, you’re ready to invest in getting your unique brilliance out into the world, NOW, drop me a line!  We can get together in person in Essex or another location  or spend a day on Zoom, a virtual office and workroom!   Both work really well.

Email me or call me 07967 121167.  If you’re ready to book a 30 minute Money and Marketing Discovery call, you can do that here.

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