Today my right breast helped me get unstuck in my business! That’s what happens when you combine three decades of health care and business coaching and working with the body – mind connection with thousands of clients and patients.

Is a part of you uncomfortable? Painful? Niggling?

Stop, take some breaths, pick up a notebook, tune into it and as it what it wants to tell you. Then listen and wait. Write whatever comes to mind, no judgement or censoring and be open to all possibilities.

When my body is uncomfortable , I’ve learnt to do this, and also to consult my various books which interpret the messages our bodies are trying to give us.

Last year I had a very red, hot face for many months. Apart from being sore and itchy, it was the one place people saw me on Zoom calls. The irony!

Physical challenges start first in the emotions and then eventually, sometimes after years of making do, putting up with niggles.

One day I tuned in to my face and got a really strong message about how angry I was about the victimisation of women. I had watched three films that week and in each, women were totally controlled, maligned and punished, both by other women and men, for being in touch with their sensual self.

I’m not generally an angry person. I don’t show much, I was taught, as many of us were, that it wasn’t safe or ladylike to get angry. It always ended being more trouble than it was worth. I grew up, as an empath, Highly Sensitive Person, feeling terrified of other people’s anger too. Sometimes I can feel other people’s distress as if it’s my own.

This week, my right breast has been a trouble. It was painful and worrying. There isn’t anything medically wrong so I took a look at my Messages from the Body and laughed.

Right Breast Problem. How do I do it right? “ I was stuck in perfectionism, not able to make a decision.

The power of that awareness alone was huge!

I had been phaffing over a project for two weeks. I just couldn’t get going, was challenged making decisions, but today, within hours of reading that and a reframe using the Thought Method, I am off.

My event is launched, copy done and emails sent. I needed the awareness. I fully expect the breast discomfort to reduce massively now too.

So, what’s going on in your body? What would it like to tell you?

Please drop me a line if you would like some help with this. Thirty plus years working in healthcare and now my coaching mean I can help you get to the bottom of what’s holding you back in life and business.

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