What’s your “Big Why?” What gets you up and working when you would rather sit and watch koala videos on Instagram (I’ve confessed, that’s my secret indulgence).

This year lots of people have been asking what their purpose is and many more will continue to do so. Back in March and April when fear was everywhere, I was continually asking myself how I could be of service and pay my bills. I realised that those of us with business skills had an obilgation to share them, to help other women to learn to help themselves. I had to continually remind myself of the difference the work I do can make and my Big Why has become really establised this year.

Hearing someone else’s Big Why can help you form your own

Hearing someone else’s Big Why can help you form your own so here’s mine. I hope you find it inspiring! I do!

My Big Why is helping my clients to financial independence and freedom. From lost and not knowing how to birth what their soul is calling to taking purposeful steps, sometimes tiny ones, forward and trusting themselves to do so. We have been living in an environment where struggle has been the norm for millenia and I’ve instinctively felt, life didn’t need to be so difficult. This is a powerful time where we can cast off that obligation to suffer and be open to all possibilities that we can choose our fate and be the captain of our ship, a lot more than we have thought possible.

At the end of the incredibly stressful 2020, I’m reflecting on my coaching clients. They have amazed themselves by:

Writing books that they have been wanting to birth for years.

Changing a local business into one that can serve clients anywhere. This could be garden design, working with autistic children, running yoga classes, teaching baby massage, and so much more. These women are so resourceful and creative and it fills my heart to be a catalyst to help their magnificence come through and they start to own their expertise.

Women have increased fees which have been the same for up to ten years. When announcing the new fee structure, they have been surprised when clients have said, “About time, you deserve every penny”.

They have put in boundaries to allow the self care that will really let them (and everyone else in their life) flourish.

They have had uncomfortable money conversations they couldn’t dream of having before and created new intimacy as a consequence.

Launching new businesses, collaboration and brave new ventures that had just been whispers in the back of their mind. To have a hand on one’s back and mentor supporting to bring them into reality has made such a difference.

Work on your money mindset is priceless to finding a profitable Big Why!

Work on your mindset around money is priceless in helping you own the true transformation you bring to your clients. That might be relieving them of daily guilt and worry about their tax return, being free to live a life free of life stopping menopausal symptoms or creating an outdoor space which allows all the family to create memories and live a richer life together.

I know this all results in the women I work with having happier families, more financial security. Children live with parents who respect themselves and model this to their children.

Parents pass healthy money habits onto their children instead of all the worries and fears and guilt that many of us have lived through.

Big Why’s in my previous lives.

My Big Why when i was a nurse back in the 1980’s and 90’s was to help people live happy pain free lives.

When I was a complementary therapist i t was about helping women have the babies they doubted they would ever be able to have. Also to help clients find that peaceful place inside where healing can occur, balance resumes and joy can start to be remembered and become the norm again.

It’s not so different now! Lightness of spirit when we are no longer worrying all the time about money is joyful. When we stop doubting ourselves continually, learn to trust our inner voices and only focus on the people we now know we are here to please. We know absolutely that only our ideal opinions really matter and those we came here to serve. The relief of knowing that we are now safe to speak and share our unique take on life publicly is joyful.

What’s your Big Why?

If you’re not sure, take some time to ponder, who you love to serve, what gives you the biggest satisfaction, for the best return. And read “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. It will show you once and for all what lights you up and is your unique “Zone of Genius” where life starts to come with ease and flow and you never forget your Big Why!


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