What part of your work would you still do if you never needed money again? 

I learnt this in Australia in about 1998 and never looked back. It opened up a world of healing possibility. 

Plants, trees, flowers, even places have their own unique healing vibration that we can tap into.  This may be partly placebo effect- if you believe it, it works- but that’s fine with me. 


Sometimes just getting away from your normal world can open you to a new way of being.

Join Delmeza and I for an intimate retreat, a blissful day of relaxation, rejuvenation and transformation in The bluebell woods. 


This day is for you if:


  • You are ready to meet other inspiring women and immerse yourself in nature for a few hours. 
  • You know it’s the right time for some care for yourself.
  • You would love a day of gentle learning, trying something new in nature. .


The day will include


  • A walking  meditation. 
  • Create your own flower essence to take home with you so you can recapture the essence of the day again and again. 


4 places  only.


Hosted by Rosemary Cunningham and Delmeza McCallaghan


Rosemary Cunningham is a Money Marketing and Soul Coach and has run her own complementary therapy practice for over 25 years in Essex. Rosemary is a business coach for heart centred women, especially therapists and coaches. 


Delmeza McCallaghan is an Intuitive and Energy Healer. She practices Aromatherapy Massage, Crystal Healing, Reiki and other energy healing. Delmeza runs Essential Oil candle workshops and other events. http://healingwithdelmeza.com


BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE NOW!  Only a maximum of four places are available.


Please telephone Rosemary on 07967 121167 with any questions or email info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk.


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