If you’re curious to know more about your purpose, you will love Branding with Archetypes.

Your Unique Brilliance is the key to your business success!

Meeting your archetypes will reveal so much about you, your purpose and your Unique Brilliance, that thing that you do so well that you probably totally discount it as “everyone can do that, can’t they?”  The secret is that it’s actually the key to your business success!

I love doing this with clients at any stage of business.   If you’re new and creating a business from scratch, you’ll learn so much about yourself, your talents, your strengths and the places where you can get carried away and go off on an unhelpful tangent!

Equally, if you’re at a bit of a crossroads or moving forward as I was when I transitioned from full time complementary therapy to business coaching, they are always insightful and valuable.

I went to Tucson Arizona to learn to teach these as I could see that they are one of the most powerful business coaching tools available.

The twelve archetypes or brand personalities.

They are Ruler, Alchemist, Sage, Jester, Explorer, Nurturer, Innocent, Artist, Humanitarian, Maverick, Romantic and Hero.  These are very different to the Money Archetypes that I also use with my clients.  Here are the cards.

How do I meet my archetypes?

You can take a forty question assessment which reveals your top two archetypes which are you. There are always surprises.

I usually teach them one to one or in small groups over a day or two session.  This can be done with me or we can also do a virtual workshop over skype.  I once had a group with for women, me in Essex, one in west London, one lady in Canada and another in France.   They were all totally different which made for fascinating insights for everyone.

What can my archetypes show me?

There is so much information on the cards, even giving you the language that will attract your ideal clients to use in your website copy, blogs etc.

They will help you choose the whole feel and personality of your brand, your colours and images.   You will have a deep understanding of what you are potentially here to bring into the world through your business.

They teach you where you catch yourself out.  For instance, my alchemist can be a bit of a dreamer, a little unrealistic and not very grounded.  Now I know this I can catch myself out before I get too carried away.

And so much more!

Branding Archetypes can help find the perfect job.

I’ve also coached clients, men and women who are looking for a satisfying job.   With the deep self-understanding from meeting their archetypes, they are able find a career that is more deeply satisfying, often for the first time.   Once we really know who we are and what we are looking for, it’s so much easier to attract and find it and to be found too!

Your archetypes help create the perfect branding for your business.

When I was transitioning from full time complementary therapy to money and business coaching, I took the archetypes assessment from the place I wanted to be in my coaching business.  Previously I had taken the assessment for my therapy business and had taken the Alchemist and Romantic cards to Alex Barton, my designer and he had created a beautiful brand that I loved for five years.

When I was ready to transition to more full time coaching, I took the assessment again and Alchemist was still my highest score but I had a tie for second place between Ruler and Nurturer and had to choose one or the other.  I asked myself which of the Ruler and Nurturer would take me forward strongly and it was the Ruler, the more powerful business archetype.

Then I took the cards to Lara Rankoff, my designer and she created the gold crown design that I’m really proud of now.  It took a little growing into but I love it and it inspires me too. This brand has really helped me own being a business coach and move forward in this stage of my business confidently.

If you would like to meet your business archetypes or learn more, do email info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or book yourself a complimentary Discovery Session here.

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