Your Christmas shopping habits tell a lot about you! How we do Christmas or money is how we do everything!

Each of us has a unique Money Personality and they affect how we do EVERYTHING from Christmas shopping to running your business or job! Knowing your Money Archetypes will give you powerful insights into why maybe (like me) you get in so much trouble and why you and your partner have such a different take on how to buy gifts and treat money generally.

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Here’s a quick review of each Money Personality and how they tackle Christmas shopping!

The Accumulator, the Scrooge of the archetypes!

If this is you, you love a bargain and will spend hours researching the reviews, humming and haaing which to buy and where to buy it then drive right across town to save a couple of £, $ or Euros!  Spending money can be positively painful to the Accumulator.

The Romantic, lavish gifts and big credit card bills!

The Romantic is you if love buying the best gifts and you are getting text messages from the fraud department at your bank while you’re buying as they checking it’s actually you spending all this money!  

A client this week had a Romantic and an Accumulator in her top three archetypes and they were having a fight whether to buy her a new computer or not!  The Romantic wanted something nice and new and thought she was worth it but her Accumulator thought it was extravagant and unnecessary!  With a little coaching we got the different parts of her talking to each other and agreeing a happy course of action that suited them both!

Celebrity buys gifts to get you noticed!

The Celebrity loves buying gifts that make you and everyone else say WOW!  A shiny new car, a stunning piece of jewellery, something that LOOKS good and expensive!

The Connector is all about the being together.

The Connector feels people are far more important and heart centred connection so they are probably organising a lovely get together and brushing off the bill saying “I’m just not good with money”.  And hoping someone else will deal with the bills when they arrive later!

The Maverick – Santa arrives by helicopter !

The Maverick is you want to shake things up with a big surprise gift!  Maybe the helicopter that arrives on the lawn on Christmas morning to whisk the family off for lunch or there’s an engagement ring or a new pet like a tarantula or puppy!  Mavericks love spending lavishly and can create all sorts of havoc to be cleared up after the festive period!

Nurturers buy EVERYONE a gift!

Nurturers will kill themselves buying gifts for family, friends, work colleagues, the cleaner, the postman, arrange all the outings and get a bit resentful if their carefully chosen gifts aren’t appreciated!   They may be the person buying the gifts for other family members to give and picking up the bill.  “This is your gift from the dog” comes to mind!

Alchemists love the magic of Christmas but it’s too commercial

Alchemists will love to create a magical Christmas experience but their love/hate relationship with all things money can mean they want simplicity and can hold guilt and shame about spending too.

Rulers, generous but worry a lot!

The Ruler is you if you love to create the most amazing Christmas for everyone, only the best but are secretly fretting about the cost and worrying people won’t enjoy themselves.  “Grace and ease in all things and stopping to enjoy the moment” is a great mantra for the Ruler!

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