Are you ready for a new relationship with money this year?

Would you would like to charge more for your services, have a job promotion or clear some debt and save much more?

There are many reasons why women choose to work on their money mindset and this is a group programme where you learn and support each other in a totally non judgmental place with other women to create your new relationship with money! ,

On 29th Jan and 12th Feb you will:

*Meet your money archetypes! You will take an assessment and then we will take a deep look at your unique money personality.
We will look at the top three archetypes that make up you and the lowest scoring one that is what you are ignoring and always has valuable lessons to offer.

In a group this is a powerful exercise as you’ll see yourself and your family, friends, ex husband in the room and the insights are deep and lasting.

  • You will then be able to map a way forward, using all your strengths (even the ones you didn’t know you had) and creating a happier, much healthier relationship with money. You will learn how money can be a good friend in your life, instead of something to fear or worry about constantly. We can have more money but we are still the same person with the same habits that we take forward until we clear those.
  • We will do a powerful mediation when you become the energy of money and hear what money really wants for you and how it wants to play and co-create with you.
  • You’ll learn how to have easier money conversations and avoid rows and conflict.
  • You’ll see how you might have been blocking money in your life and how you can ease the flow and worry much less.
  • Conscious Creation of wealth. How we can change our language and how we think and speak to change our fortune.

What my coaching students say!

“Our household income has doubled in the year since I worked with  Rosemary.   Working with my money archetypes, I become much less fearful about money……my increased confidence allowed my business to blossom.   I left my paid job and even employed 3 people to help me!  My new found confidence in money took the pressure away from my husband and he then felt able to find a more challenging role with much better pay and conditions. I really would recommend working with Rosemary if you ever get the chance – she is my money angel”! Sam Lindsay, Founder of My Mortgage Angel.

“Rosemary’s course helped me to go from prolific credit card user with no savings to now paying off most of my cards and having several savings pots! I never realised how our thoughts and beliefs about money could hold us back but with Rosemary’s help I uncovered a lot of things that I never knew and am very grateful for that”. Kelly Scrader.

“Rosemary’s style is very gentle and intuitive. It is also highly effective. Rosemary helped me discover my worth and be comfortable with setting boundaries. Since working with Rosemary my business has grown and I feel more comfortable being visible. Chelsea Green.

There will also be access afterwards to some online modules to continue the training.

Your investment is £225 for 10am til 5pm on both days or £195 if paid in full before 31 December.

Please ask if you would like a payment plan please email me on
Payment is to Rosemary Cunningham 75560542 Sort 600924 or contact Rosemary on 07967 121167 for alternate ways to pay.

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