I’m not a believer in New Year’s Resolutions but I am a big believer in having some big intentions for a new year and being future focused.

I’m a Money, Marketing and Soul Coach and here are three big tips to prepare the way for a powerful 2020!

Tune into your future self and make your decisions from there.

Who would you like to be at the end of 2020?  How would you love your life to be? Who will you be with?  What will you be doing?

Spend some time dreaming, journaling and really feel into your life at the end of 2020.  Who will you be?  A fully booked therapist with a very health bank balance?  A bookkeeper working with dream clients and a financial cushion which will cover your bills for six months so you can go travelling?  Dream big!

Now feel into the qualities of this super successful you and make your decisions as that person.   Hold the questions in your mind and be aware of answers as they drop in! How would that person handle thousands of emails?  How would they deal with this customer challenge?  What decision would they make about choosing new branding?

Be grateful for what’s on the way, as if it’s here already!

We have become really good at showing gratitude for what we have but appreciating what’s on the way will bring it to you so much quicker!”

Part of the energy of manifestation is to have the faith, trust and knowing that what you are creating is already on the way.   Being thankful now for what you have asked for will help draw it towards you.  Your reticular activating system, the matchmaker in your brain will start sifting and sorting and showing you signs that it’s already here. Take the step that are revealed to you and the next will show itself.  We are rarely shown the whole staircase at the beginning.

Write down every day and maybe have conversations with yourself as you walk the dog!

“I’m so grateful for the ten new massage clients that have booked this month!  They are such fun people to work with, they are happy to pay my fees and I love celebrating when they tell me their lives are changing for the better, every time they come!

Get clear about who you’re here to serve, you ideal clients and only market to them.

Heart centred business owners often want to serve everyone, especially the Connector and Nurturer Sacred Money Archetypes who want to be friends with everyone and mother the world.

Calculate  the amount of money you want and need to earn from your business, the amount of hours you are able to work and choose to and  how many clients are you here to serve at the highest level.

Who is willing and able to pay you well for your services?   You are not here to serve everyone and you’re not the perfect coach, therapist, VA for everyone anyway.  I always say with 7.8 billion of us in the now, there is plenty of business for everyone so get clear on who you would love your clients to be.

When I got really clear that my coaching clients are typically influencers themselves, here to make their own impact and I’m here to help them do that, I dropped the responsibility of holding huge business events for entrepreneurial women and running multiple networking groups.  Someone else can do that, it’s not my expertise!  There are plenty of others willing to do these things. This was huge for me and has allowed me to become a total expert at helping heart centred business women, run the businesses they love with ease and flow and abundance.   I had to let go of that particular ledge first though, and the ledge of my 26 year old therapy business.

If this resonates and you  would like a chat about getting you and your business ready to burst into 2020, do drop me a line at info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or book yourself a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Session here!



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