In November 2020 I was thrilled to be asked to present about women and money at SOAR, a women’s conference in  Tucson, Arizona.

It was nerve wracking and fun..   I had fun with the ladies, handed out chocolate gold coins, £1,000,000 notes and got them thinking about their earliest memories of money and where they came from.  It was powerful.  I unknowingly did the whole fifty minute presentation in bare feet!  I really didn’t know, I was so  in the zone and only realised afterwards that I didn’t have my shoes on!

The women were remembering incidents from sixty or more years ago that had affected their ability to ask for what they want without the fear of being shamed or called greedy.

The conference was more about sisterhood than business although many women there are entrepreneurial.

I am running an online programme starting in January 2020 and one element of this will be in person and I will be hosting one of these in Tucson and another in Leigh-on-sea.  I am open to travel  to other areas if you can round up enough participants.

My 2020 programme will include Couples Money Coaching, a women’s business Mastermind and one to one coaching for business women.

Do  contact me at  or 07967 121167 if you would like to know more or book yourself a complimentary Discovery Call  here.   

I would love to do more speaking and interviews and spread the good news and information for women, wanting better relationships with money and heart centred businesses so please get in touch if you have an audience who  would like my input!  Thank you!

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