Own your Value, Charge your Worth, 40 Day Programme!

Black Friday Special Early Entry £297 then £497 after 18 December


You can do at your own pace, fast or slow. You can work with a peer group or alone. You choose. Here’s what you get!

This is the perfect course for you if you are ready to
?totally know your worth and the value you bring to your clients
?charge higher fees in your business and state the proudly and boldly.
?attract the ideal clients you really want,
?invest in your business without wobble, knowing it will pay
?maybe pay off some debts or get spending under control,

You will master:
Your unique money personality, your money archetypes. 
Your money personality and your beliefs about money are what makes you tick about money. When you go against the flow of your money personality, everything feels hard. You’ll find conflict and confusion that you just can’t get past.

Your Money Past
We take a look at your money story, your history, the beliefs you have taken on from other people. These become your own, subconsciously they affect every decision you make and can be tripping you up at every turn.
You then choose your money beliefs and rewrite your money story. You choose thoughts that will take you forward with ease and abundance!

Your Money Present. 
You will look at your boundaries, your anxieties about money, money conversations. You will see where they need some reinforcement.
Then you can put new ways creating new powerful ways for our family, business and all our life going forward.

Your Money Future! 
Create an exciting money future for your money, life and business and put boundaries and provisions in place to achieve that, starting now! You will finish the course with so much awareness which is the starting point for mastering your Money Mindset!

How it works. The Mechanics
?Six weekly 20 minute videos arriving on Monday to be watched when you choose.
(If you want the whole course to be delivered all at once, that’s an option too but mo(st women prefer weekly modules).
?A weekly Live Q and A group call, to answer your questions and learn from the other women.
?All the support of me and a supportive group of women. to learn from, cheer each other on. You can work through exercises with a buddy or do it solo, it’s up to you.
?A Private Facebook Group to post your questions and ask for support and share your victories and ahas!

Are you in?

Not sure? Book a chat with me now and let’s see if this is for you!
If you would like to have a chat with me and see if this is the best option for you, do book a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call here.

If you’re ready to book, save your place by transferring £927 by bank transfer to Rosemary Cunningham, A/C 75560542 Sort 600924.

Message me if you prefer to pay another way.

You could get this back with many zeros on the end over the next few years with your new mindset!

I want this to work for you.. I’m flexible with good boundaries, the way I train my students to be!

Here’s what some of my Money students said!

“Rosemary’s Own your Worth course really opened my eyes to my limiting beliefs around money, and how I was taking this into my business.
It really helped me to see the value of investing in myself (rather than simply saving as much as possible).
I have increased my prices as I have found a new sense of value on the services I offer and the results I achieve for my clients.
I am no longer making assumptions about my clients willingness or ability to pay for my time and expertise.
The course has been invaluable in helping me re-write my script around money.
I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to break through their own money mindset limitations”.
Sabrina Lee, LinkedIn Coach.

“That wonderful money visualisation in week 4 was so powerful.
Stepping into the money, the energy I felt. I was literally buzzing. 
I would never in a million years thought that money was vibrational. My whole skin was tingling.
This course is so powerful. 
My belief system was that there wasn’t enough to go around.
In the visualisation Money spoke to me and said, “That’s nonsense”. 
That made me smile”.

Connecting with your bigger vision.
The course helped me connect with a much a bigger picture than just making jewellery. 
I want to get my fair-trade license and be a sustainable as I can.  I want to be working with artisan miners in Africa, putting back into their communities. It’s so much bigger. I have this urge to help and change the way the industry. I want to be part of that. 
Erin McCloughlin, Jewellery designer and maker. London.

“Rosemary’s money course completely changed the way I think about money.
It allowed me to stop restricting the flow of money into my life and to notice when I’m slipping back into the habits that were causing those restrictions.
Thanks to Rosemary my new business has done really well amid a global pandemic and I really can’t thank her enough”.
Rebecca Shuttleworth, Canine Therapist.

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