Even a single money coaching session can change or even save a relationship.

We all have a different money personality which arises for our early experiences, upbringing, our parenting, culture and much more.

Only yesterday a lady told me she grew up with a father who was scared to spend money and the fear was passed onto her. She worries about every penny and even buying essentials are to be stressed over.

To quote her, “it drives my husband mad, he just wants me to spend more money”.


More marriages end from financial disagreements than anything else and a little understanding of each other’s hot buttons goes so far.

I worked with one couple, let’s call them John and Amanda. The lady had already done some work with me and asked her partner’s permission to buy him a one off session with me. Sometimes partners agree willingly but often it takes a while so if yours doesn’t accept straight away, don’t despair, money stuff can be big and scarey and it can take time.

They separately took the Money Archetypes assessment to show their unique money personality.

Both of them had a dominant “Connector” archetype which means, amongst other things, neither of them want to manage the money. They were scared to talk about money as it became so angry and fiery. He wanted her to take charge and organise everything, she wanted him to be more involved and couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to. .

In just one session, separately, they learnt about themselves, their own individual money personality, their strengths, challenges, values, their motivators.

This is just one example! There can be infinite combinations of money personality.

When you understand your partner’s Money Personality, you can respect their boundaries and they can respect yours. Then drama can be avoided!

Then, they sat together and compared their archetypes and had a huge awakening. They both wanted to the other to take more responsibility.  They wanted each other to manage the money, neither of them wanted to take full responsibiility but had such challenges vocalising this without ending up in an upsetting row. 

From then on they had a common language and understanding to work from. They understood each other so much better and within days had opened a joint bank account and started a passion business together.

This is the strength of even one session of couples coaching,. My recommendation is to come individually to begin,  then together.   We can do this on Zoom too. 

If this is interesting, please email me info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or call me on 07967 121167 and open the conversation! You can also book a complimentary Money Discovery Call with me here.

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