This morning I spent some time with my ideal clients.   I wasn’t with them in person, it was a visualisation that I first used some years ago and return to whenever I have a new project or want to refresh an existing one.

I used this when I was creating the Essex Business Women’s Experience, a big annual event for Essex women.  Every time we were planning I did the visualisation to tune into what the ladies would like to experience and the essence of who we were trying to attract as visitors and speakers.

Today I was tuning into my ideal clients for my own Money Marketing and Soul Coaching Business and for the Essex and London Business Women’s Network, formerly Winning Women! At the moment the two ladies are one but this may change further down the line.. I like to keep fluid in the fast changing world!

My ideal client isn’t one person but three

It wasn’t one person that I saw but three, all of whom I know quite well and have worked  in one capacity or another.  I’ve absolutely loved working with all of them, had so much fun and they have had amazing results from the work that we have done together.  The results might not have been immediate but were profound in time and the change point could be traced back to the time we spent together.

I listened to a visualisation then based on what I was and felt, I filled in some thirty questions afterwards and feel I know her quite intimately.

I know what my ideal client eats for breakfast!

I also know what she is thinking about when she wakes up, what her biggest frustrations are and  what she is  really looking for to make her happy.

The transformation she will have from working with me

What is it your ideal client experiences from working with you?  When you know you can talk to that.

My lady experiences a lightness of spirit which flows into all of her life.  She also learns to find that lightness of spirit again when all else is falling apart.

What’s causing her pain and frustration? 

When you know what’s bothering her most, what wakes her up at night and the thing she worries about most, then you can talk to this in your marketing.

Your Ideal client is probably you!

The person you are talking to is most likely you at some time in your life.  It could still be you!

How is this useful?

When you write a blog, a Facebook post about your products, services or an event you are creating, you can first tune into your ideal client and speak to her. Use her language from the phrases that came up in the visualisation.

You know her  deepest desires and even what she really wants in her biggest vision!

Would you like to meet your ideal client?

If you would like to know more, I would love  to share this powerful information.  Drop me a line at or phone 07967 121167.

A complimentary Discovery Session?

I’d like to offer you a 30 minute discovery session.

I work with women who either have or would love their own business.  I have had my own business since 1993 as a  complementary therapist and now Money Marketing and Soul Coach.  I also Winning Women Essex, run two women’s networking groups in Chelmsford and Southend.

I would love to help you meet your ideal clients with ease.


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