Where are my ideal clients? Who are they anyway?   Where do I find them NOW?  

Yes, they are waiting to hear from you!  Let’s get to it! Join me from in January 2022,

“I did this course when I was starting my business and it gave me so much clarity on who I wanted to work with and how I can target them in my marketing and in selling my services!

It’s a fantastic investment for your business…and Rosemary Cunningham is a fantastic coach too!”  Anna Watson, Virtual Sales Director

Firstly, you don’t have to find those clients.  Get the energy right and they WILL find you!
  • Here’s a 21 Day, fun, exciting and interactive course where you will meet and start magnetising YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS!!
  • We will do this, in real time, together in a small group of supportive, inspiring women and loads of training and help from me
  • You’ll get short,  training videos from me,
  • Live training where we write your copy in real time so you can get going straight away!
  • A supportive Facebook group where you can share your wins, ask for support & questions.
  • We will do the journeying together!
I’m Rosemary, I’m a Money Marketing and Soul Coach for heart centred women.  I’ve had my own business for 28 years now and I’ll be sharing what really works.

I always intuitively believed attracting great people to work with doesn’t have to be difficult.

I just didn’t know how to do it.  I kind of mastered it in  my therapy business but it was so different again when I started coaching.  I got all in my head again.

At the end of 21 days you will

  • know exactly who your ideal clients are, those people who are ready to invest and  work with you now.
  • what their challenges are, what makes them tick.
  • have written your copy which will attract them!
  • have a plan to help them find you with ease and grace so they are ready to invest in working with you.
  • have your pricing ready, offers in the bag or at least in process if they are more involved.
  • be so positive and ready for the future of your business!
  • Book a quick call with me here to see if this course  is right for you.    OR

If you’re ready, you can book your place here for £497

Read more about attracting ideal clients here, starting with my truly embarrassing first ever massage client in 1993 who taught me my first lesson.

If you’re ready to invest in attracting 5* Clients right now,  book a complimentary discovery call here! https://rosemarycunninghamcoaching.as.me/

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