Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?  I’ve just learnt that I am and that many of my clients and the women in my community are too! It can be very challenging, especially in a charged, busy world and here are some of my tips that helped me avoid burnout and exhaustion in my twenty seven years running a complementary therapy then business.

Winning Women Essex, the business network I run is also designed for sensitive women.  I keep the numbers down so we can have an unhurried meeting and we don’t have sixty second presentations with timers as these create so many nerves and sensitive women don’t need extra worries like beating the clock!

Twenty percent of the population are HSP’s . There’s a lot to this subject and Dr Aron’s book on Highly Sensitive People, will be a big help if you want to explore more.

Dr Aron identifies  four main characteristics of HSP’s:

  • Depth of processing so we are deep thinkers.
  • Prone to over stimulation
  • Emotional responsiveness & empathy
  • Sensitive to subtleties
Here are some tips that I’ve used to cope with being highly sensitive, especially in running my therapy and coaching business.

Learn to check in with your heart.

As an empath, we often experience massively heightened emotion that isn’t our own. Like a sponge, we have picked it up from others and the collective. So, when you feel a powerful emotion like fear, check in and ask, “how much of this is mine?” Stop, wait and listen. I usually sense that 30% of it is mine, the other 70% is from the general fear “out there!” Then I can package up the 70% and give it back and just handle the 30% that is mine.

Keeping Good Boundaries.  Don’t be too available.

Allowing clients to contact you anytime, checking email., messages etc and replying at all hours is exhausting and counterproductive.   Tell your clients how you work. Put it in writing in your terms if necessary so they know how to work best with you.  Stick to these.  No-one is indispensable and life will go on without you!

Have an end of day routine to clean away the energy of work.

When I was working as a complementary therapist, seeing up to thirty clients a week, I learnt to protect my energy.  Without fail I would have a relaxing bath after my last client left and really felt their energy leave me.  This marked the end of my working day and then I relaxed and slept well, free of their worries.

Essential oils, flower essences and rituals can be great supports.

A dab of Frankincense oil on my collar when I was nursing, especially on days when I was feeling nervous.  It stopped the little voice in my head from worrying too much.

Fringed violet, the Australian Bush Flower essence mends and protects a frayed aura and helps boost you to cope with a daily onslaught. Emergency Essence is wonderful too. Do contact me if you want more advice.

Don’t overbook yourself.   Have days when you don’t see anyone or are obliged to speak to anyone.

Leave gaps in between clients.  Allow yourself at least one day off a week.  I hardly ever work on Sundays. Everything waits until Monday.

Find out if you are a Highly Sensitive Person here! 

Rosemary is a Money and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, especially therapists, coaches and artists. She works with lots of nurses too!  Book your 30 Minute Discovery Call here.  

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