Back in 1993, I had loads of enthusiasm, a rather business degree, a massage certificate and nursing qualification but absolutely no idea how to run a business!

Here are just four of the MANY things I’ve learnt as a business and money coach and loads of tears and worry and help my clients avoid now!

Understand Your Own  Money Mindset

Your mindset around money will subconsciously affect all the actions you take. 

It will control your income, the clients you attract, how much you charge, how many clients choose to work with you.   We can be totally run by unconscious beliefs.   We learn them from those influencing us when we are around the age of three.  These become our truth and will cause us to hesitate, sabotage ourselves and just not move forward. I only realised this when I trained to be a business coach, fifteen years into my career!

One of my money coaching clients had a new bookkeeping business.  She said every time she was speaking to a prospective client, she automatically assumed that they would think she was overcharging and greedy or they wouldn’t be able to afford her fees.  So by the time she stated her fee she had discounted it in her head three times.  But not after she understood her money mindset.  Her business grew momentously after that.

Have a think about what you were hearing about money when you were a child.  Make some notes and see what else comes up.  Working on your money mindset can free you up on every level. You’ll feel lighter, braver and some of my money coaching clients have increased their income by 500%.

Your client pays you for the transformation they get from working with you, not your time.

When I go to my hairdresser, Sam with lockdown hair, my hair cut costs £36 but the transformation value is £360 or maybe £3600! 

That’s because that haircut takes me from feeling scruffy and self-conscious to confident and feeling attractive.  I walk out of the salon with a swing in my step.  I’m then far more likely to go for a date, apply for a new job, attract a perfect client, you name it!   

My business coaching clients, with my help can increase their income many fold. They pay me for the transformation from hesitant novice to competent and confident business woman.

Your ideal clients are people who can afford to pay you.

When I qualified as a massage therapist, I wanted to help everyone as everyone seemed to need massage.  However, not everyone is ready to commit and also doesn’t understand the value of a professional treatment.    

Get really clear who you are here to serve, their qualities, personality, why you love to work with them. Spend some time, get detailed.  This is a lengthy but so worthwhile exercise.

One feature of your ideal client is that they have the money available to pay you.  Knowing this will help you focus your marketing on those who value your services and are ready to invest right now or will find the money soon.

Know your marketing superpower. 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the different ways you can market your business. 

There’s a fabulous quiz will help you understand which marketing methods you will enjoy and excel at.

My suggestion is that you choose one or two and get really good at them.   When you’re in your essence and you love sharing your magic you’ll build your own unique tribe of followers.  This tribe will be interested in everything you do and want to work with you when they are ready. 

It’s been a pleasure sharing these tips with you.  I wish you so well in your business.

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