Are you have a  fear of rejection? I am and holding me back lately so here’s an honest, raw and unscripted and short blog to get this sorted and out in the open!

I’m wondering where my rejection stuff comes from and I had a realisation this afternoon. Tomorrow I’m going to see one of my favourite uncles, my Uncle Melve who has had a busy week with two heart attacks, a cardiac arrest and two heart operations! He’s 87 and off home tomorrow but even now he can be very vocal and says what he thinks! A typical man of that era who wasn’t scared of shouting, I was terrified of him, and my hot tempered dad, and other Uncles and my mum could be very shouty too so I think I learnt to play small, keep quiet and avoid getting into trouble.. and rejected.

This week when I’ve had to start asking lots of people for support to raise the £8500 to send the forty foot container to Zambia, all my fears of rejection have come up. My body was full of fear and tip number one is to get grounded. Breathe deeply and get your bare feet on the soil or in the sea. Let your energy drop.

I also took a large amount of flower essences including one I made from a giant sequoia tree. These can help balance our energy and clear the emotional debris that is keeping us stuck.

I realised many years ago that I had stayed in unfulfilling relationships for at least a year each time as I was scared of rejecting my partner. I was projecting my issues on them and of course, when we broke up they were always in a new relationship in days, and sometimes got married really quickly too!

Fear of rejection keeps us stuck so if you’re resonating,ask yourself, what this is stopping you going for? What opportunity are you avoiding through fear, maybe procrastinating about something?

Remember, if people ignore you or say no,it’s not about you.. don’t take it personally.
And also ask yourself, where else am I rejecting in my life? Maybe it’s looking after yourself.

We can lose out on so many amazing opportunities through fear.

This won’t be affecting all of us but if it’s not you, please be kind to the rest of us!

Rosemary Cunningham is a Money Marketing and Soul coach, working with therapists and entrepreneurial women to confidently talk about money and grow the business they love, attracting perfect clients with ease.  You can email rosemary on or schedule a 30 minute complementary Discovery Call here.

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