22 October, A life changing day of Conscious Creation for Women.

Leigh Community Centre, 10am til 3pm

Your investment £75

Are you frustrated that you’re short of the right type of clients, a perfect partner, the home you want or something else?  Conscious Creation is the key.  Over millennia we have been taught that we aren’t the true pilots of our lives, leaving control to God, the Universe, angels, our parents, employer, husband, you name it.

This day will show you how you can to take control and happily pilot your own ship, creating more of whatever you desire in your life and business! 

On this day of Conscious Creation in a supportive, non judgmental group we will have lots of fun and laughter while you:
  • realise the beliefs, attitudes that you have taken on board that you can now change to be something much more powerful!
  • learn to redirect your energy to choose what you really want!
  • be able to implement this immediately in your life and business and start seeing results really quickly!
  • meet other amazing business women.   People on my courses often become friends and collaboration partners too!
  • learn to use your “love place” and how to rebalance yourself to keep you upright on the emotional surf board of life.
  • become part of our own conscious creation team so you can practice together. You’ll start catching yourself out when you get into unhelpful talk and it’s great to have a community that speaks the same way for accountability and growing together.
  • and much more I’m certain once the Conscious Creation begins!

I would be delighted if you would join me!

This is the work I’ve learnt from my spiritual business mentor, Dee Wallace who is a healer, actor and author.  Conscious Creation came to her after she starred as the mother in the film Extra Terrestrial.   Her little girl, the five year old Dee came out to rule actress Dee.   Five year old Dee was told off fiercely after she had done her first ballet solo, so excited, saying “Mummy, didn’t I do well?” She was told she was never to claim that she had done something well and it was for other people to congratulate her and for her to say, “Thank you but I’m not really that good”.

No wonder that we struggle to speak up for ourselves and own our successes when this is our history!

If the investment is out of your range right now, contact me on info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or 07967 121167 and let’s see what we can consciously create to get you there!

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