Yesterday I took a new look at my Money Archetypes.  If your life, your dreams and priorities have changed, its a great time to revisit your Money Archetypes!  Mine had some big surprises in store for me!

As a money coach, I’ve very aware of my relationship with money.   I work with clients all the time and the money archetypes are one of my most powerful tools.  They help us get right under the lid to get a deep understanding of our unique money personality.  They show you your strengths, where you get tripped up, where your repeating patterns lie and how you can overcome them, and so much more!

I’ve felt some money anxieties of late so I decided to take my money archetypes assessment again for the first time in a few years. It’s not recommended to retake them too often.

What a surprise I got.   There’s a big change!

Previously my top three were Nurturer, Celebrity and Maverick.

Now, my Nurturer is still way out the front with 36.   That’s the nurse and therapist, the coach who is a compulsive carer.  That archetype will never change.

Now Alchemist, Accumulator and Maverick tie for second place.   That’s a huge change.

In the seven years I’ve been working with these archetypes, I have never had Accumulator or Alchemist in my top three.

Even my Celebrity which was in my top three has dropped down to 25 points.   It’s no longer one of my triage of archetypes that I work with!  My next car won’t be another Soul Red MX5 convertible. Am I becoming more sensible?

My lowest Archetype is now Ruler.  It used to be in my top three seven years ago.   Your lowest is the archetype you relate too least so it has something to teach.   It’s about building a kingdom where everyone thrives, with grace and ease.  That appeals to me very much, especially the thriving.

We are constantly evolving.  We change as much as our families and our businesses and the world do.  Nothing stays static and even if you have studied your money archetypes and your relationship with money before, a revisit would definitely be helpful to anyone.

I’ve had a very chequered relationship with money and the last seven years have been the most stressful of my life around money, plus I’m now fifty six which brings slightly different priorities.

For a while after my mum, sister and then my father passed two years ago, I really didn’t think I was going to live very long.  I had a bit of a cancer scare, not too much but enough to make me question my mortality.  That’s reflected in my money behaviour.  I’ve not being the most careful saver in the last few years, I’ve travelled and enjoyed life, donated generously and treated myself and others.

I also don’t have children and have been single and self-employed for a long while so my financial decisions have been solitary.   I’ve found making decisions quite scary at times and realised that with money we need to be in it for the long term as we don’t get results quickly.

I like my new Accumulator.  My mum would laugh if she saw that as it means that I’m going to be more careful with money. That’s never been my default!  I like the thought of becoming a really good saver.  I’m going to grow to love my Accumulator.

The Alchemist is an exciting new one for me too.   An Alchemist is idealist and an ideas person so there is lots of magic and creativity to bring into my life and business.  That’s fun!  My branding archetypes are Ruler and Alchemist so they fit too.  I do love magic, mystery and transformation.   On the downside, there’s a love/hate relationship with money which might reflect some things I’ve been working through lately.

I’m so glad I rechecked my archetypes.  It’s been such profound few years and it’s so good to check in again.   I’m curious to work with them more and encourage you to do the same!

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