Branding with Archetypes is one of the most business powerful tools I’ve ever found.  Knowing your archetypes will tell you what and who you came here to do and be in your business and how you can present that to the world.

They are the reason I borrowed a large sum of money and travelled to Tuscon, Arizona in 2012 to study to be a Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach with Kendall Summerhawk who developed these beautiful cards.

I so wanted to share this incredible information with my clients. They are such a huge, colourful, aha moment when we see in bright colour embodied a vision of who we can be in the world through our business.  Your see your depth, power, potential and it’s just so exciting and revealing for my clients.

Just to say, I also share “Sacred Money Archetypes” (SMA)  as part of my programmes but they are too totally different.  SMA is about our personality with money (and this ripples into every part of our lives).  Branding Archetypes (BA) reveal what you are here to bring to the world through your business.  It really helps my students to work with both, giving us a deep, broad but very specific understanding of our unique strengths, challenges and how we can be at our best, happiest and most brilliant in the world!

branding with archetypes

The twelve Branding with Archetype Cards

My Branding Archetypes are Alchemist and Ruler.  They have changed from Alchemist and Romantic now my business has changed from having an emphasis on therapy work for the last twenty years to now Money and Marketing coaching for women entrepreneurs.   Then I was principally a therapist, especially in my mindset, now I am a business woman and coach and the Ruler is a powerful business archetype.

I took my Archetype cards to Lara Rankoff from Reflect Design for Print in Leigh-on-sea and she created my business branding from there.  It was a bit of stretch and took a little time to grow into the crown but I love it! It’s brave, bold and perfect for my coaching business, leading and partnering with other amazing women.

How can I meet my Branding Archetypes?

This is a process I offer as part of one of my coaching  packages or as a stand alone VIP Day.

You complete a short assessment, answering questions about you  and how you see yourself and your business.  This reveals immediately your Archetypes and if there is a tie with the same score, you can choose which of the two will lead you most strongly forward into the business you want to create.

If you would like to know more, do email me at or if you’re ready, book yourself a complimentary Discovery Session here.  I would love to learn more about you, your business and we can see if we are a good fit to work together to take your business forward.

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