At the moment I have little post-it notes all over my apartment, even in my car.   They say “Ideal clients are everywhere! It’s so easy to sign ideal clients!”   This is all a part of an experiment I’m doing about attracting ideal clients, training my brain and it’s working!

Train your Brain to attract more of what you want!

Have you heard of the Reticular Activating System?  This is a clever part of the brain that, once you want to be pregnant keeps showing you picture of babies and suddenly you see pregnant women walking down the street, dozens of them.  When you get a red Mazda MX5, like magic you see them but it’s as if they never existed before!  They just weren’t on your radar, and now your brain is looking out for them and spotting them in the most unlikely places!

The good news is that you can train your brain to start looking out for and finding more of what you want.  This is something I’ve been studying this year and yes, it’s totally changed my life, my happiness, satisfaction, what I’m sharing and much more.  And it’s working.. indeed I am seeing many more ideal clients and they are finding me!

You’ll find more confidence to share.

It also gives you the confidence to share more – blogs, events, webinars in my case as you know that your ideal clients will be looking out for them, often silently.

What I find is that someone will be telling me they have been watching my random Facebook Lives, reading my blogs and never said a thing.. until the time is right, then they are there, ready to work with me, totally committed and a dream client!  I’m always surprised, joyfully surprised when they turn up as  it’s still a leap of faith to press the “Go live” button or publish what seems to be a rather raw, extreme, controversial or downright woo woo blog.

So, who’s your ideal client? Let me share a little about mine so you might learn more about yours.
My ideal client is
  1. ready to invest in herself and her business.  She’s maybe thinking about giving up and getting a job but really doesn’t want to.  She wants someone to help and guide her but kindly, not judgmentally.  She’s often quite hard on herself, can be feeling a bit of a failure as she’s invested a lot of money and hasn’t really seen the fruits of it, yet.
  2. She’s someone who deeply wants to help people, it feels like her life’s work. If she died tomorrow and she hadn’t helped people, she would feel she really hadn’t completed what she came here to do.
  3. She really loves the idea of having her own business, choosing her hours, having free time with loved ones on her own terms.
  4. She may well lack confidence about charging for her services but maybe not. On a good day she can quote her fees with confidence but sometimes she doubts her ability to really help someone.
  5. She really wants to succeed, have a good amount of clients, earn what she feels is a good living, make a contribution to the family and feel that her business is viable, not just a hobby.
Your Ideal Client is you at some point in your journey.

This woman is actually me at one time in my journey.  It doesn’t matter to me if she’s married, between 35 and 45 or 55 to 65, it’s the feelings that I’m tuning into, the frustrations, the loneliness.  She might even be a man!

Create an Ideal Client Persona with photograph

See which name resonates with your ideal client.. mine is Jennifer. Then I suggest you go online and look at photographs of women called Jennifer and find one you like and print off her photograph.  Put it on your computer when you’re writing or talking to her and even on your vision board. She’s part of your vision!

Stop worrying about what your family, friends and neighbours think!   Write and speak only to your Ideal Client

When you do your marketing, you speak only to that person, to the beautiful essence of them, the bit you really love and want to help.  When you’re getting your beautiful knowledge and writing, adverts and sharing out in the great world, you  only write for your Jennifer.  NO-ONE ELSE MATTERS!

Think of an old 33 or 45 or 78 RPM record.  Your Ideal Client is the groove in your record.  Everyone else falls around. They may enjoy your webinars and blogs but they aren’t your ideal client.. yet.

One day they might be and then they will suddenly give you a call and they will be ready to work with you, whatever you charge!

Would you like my help to find your Ideal Clients?

If you would like a little help with finding and talking to your ideal clients or even finding your ideal marketing method..  I really don’t believe that we need to do marketing that we hate, I’ve loved sharing this article, do drop me a line at or if you’re ready to chat, please book yourself a 30 Minute Discovery Call and let’s see how we can play together..  I really don’t believe in hard work anymore!


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