Are you ready to be rich? Ready to have a lot more abundance in your world?   I hope I hear a resounding yes!

If you’re not as wealthy as you would like to be yet, it’s a great exercise to explore about what you really believe about wealth and rich people.  Beliefs we aren’t even aware of can really keep us stuck and it’s so worth spending a little time exploring yours.  A little inner work can save you a lot of outer work!

How do YOU feel about wealthy people?

In my coaching women are often surprised when they unearth a belief that they are jealous, mistrusting or even dislike rich people.  I had a whole group of six women who all came across a similar belief that they didn’t like rich people.  Maybe that’s why they were a peer group, it was part of their common bond, albeit an unconscious one.

Can you imagine how unhelpful this belief can be when you’re trying to grow your business, become well off and have the nice things that your family and your family love?

On some level, you can be holding yourself back as you don’t want to be a “nasty rich person” or whatever your or your family’s belief system is.   One lady said her family accused her of “going above her station” when she wanted to buy her first home and apply for an ambitious promotion.

Whenever we go against the grain with our family, we are pushing age old boundaries, put in place to keep us safe or controlled so we don’t show anyone else up.   We run the risk of being rejected which brings a danger of being cast out to fend for ourselves, unfed, unloved and vulnerable.   This is primal stuff but we can have these beliefs that we have taken on as tiny children and they are still controlling us today.

Are you keeping small to avoid disempowering someone you love?

My sister and I were blessed to live in a big house when we were growing up.  Our parents bought it so we didn’t have to play on the streets but that is just what we wanted to do, to be with the other children.  My sister especially felt awkward that our house was the biggest, the one on the corner and absolutely hated my dad’s new car and increase earnings when he started to do well.  When I got my first new car, Heather didn’t want to go in it. She was the person I loved most in the world and she consciously rejected what she saw as wealth in any form.  Anything flashy seemed to offend her so I found myself keeping things at a minimum to avoid upsetting her and being rejected.

My dad left a well-paid job to join the ministry as soon as he could have had a Porsche or BMW as a company car.  He just wasn’t comfortable with that kind of wealth, he was my first role model so my default was to please him by keeping myself humble and small.

What do you think of wealthy people questions!

Take a few minutes to answering these questions.  Sit with them and journal some answers. They are deep and revealing.  If answers don’t come straight away, be aware over the next week or so.  The questions will start something off in your Reticular Activating System, the part of your brain that goes out to match whatever you’re thinking about.  So  if you’re wondering what think of wealth and rich people, it will start showing you evidence, stories and proof that you have a challenge here.. Or none at all!

  • My biggest fear about money is…
  • My father felt money was…
  • My mother felt money was…
  • In my family money caused…
  • My early experience with money was….
  • Money equals…
  • Wealthy and rich people are…

If this has brought up some questions you would like to explore more, do email me or if you would like to speak to me about you and money, book a 30 Minute complimentary Money Discovery call by clicking here.

Rosemary Cunningham is a Money and Business coach for women entrepreneurs.  She has run her own complementary therapy practice and now coaching practice since 1993. .



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