Lesson 1. You don’t pay for the service you get, you pay for the transformation you receive.

Today was my first visit to my hairdresser Sam, since February. I love him anyway and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, I’ve been with him for five years.

After three months of hair frustration, I so appreciate what does for me.

My haircut today cost me £33 plus tips but it was worth so much more than that. You see, I wasn’t paying for the haircut, I was paying for instantly feeling so much better and all the things it allowed me to do!

Lesson 2. What was I really paying for ?

  1. Confidence and self esteem from not feeling untidy, scruffy, unprofessional and uncomfortable when I did a video or Live. Those really aren’t good feelings to start from when you’re sharing about your business!
  2. Being able to go on a date again.. four months of lock down hair and no way would that be happening! That might make the difference of me meeting the man of my dreams. Don’t get too excited but one day it WILL happen!
  3. Saving lots of time, every day and frustration on trying to tame hair that just needed an expert intervention. Wasted time mental energy that could be much spent doing something for me or my business.
  4. Being less grumpy and much happier, a nicer person to myself and others!
  5. and so much more!

I wasn’t paying Sam for the haircut, I was paying him for all of the above. It was worth far more than I paid and I told him so!

Lesson 3. What is your service REALLY worth? What transformation does it bring your client?

Think of the big picture, the transformation your clients get from working with you.

If you’re a massage therapist, not only does your client lose their pain or migraines, they are less grumpy which makes home life easier for everyone. Their sex life will be better (huge, never underestimate this). They too might try something new as they feel so good and that could open up new doors for them. Think BIG!

For example, I charge £279 for my current group Money Mastermind for Women. I know that the women who come on it, increase their prices, gain new confidence and attract better clients who will pay the more. They no longer discount their fees as they know what the service is truly worth. Their clients respect them for that so observe their business boundaries. One of those changes alone could bring them back the investment ten fold in a year or so.

If you are having challenges working our your pricing and packages and would like some help, do email me, info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or book a complimentary 30 minute call to explore this a bit more. You can do that here. https://rosemarycunninghamcoaching.as.me/

I’ve had my own business for twenty seven years now and love helping women with heart centred businesses to charge what we are worth and attract those perfect clients who pay us every time and keep coming back!

Taking my temperature at the hairdresser
Sam Arnold, my lovely hairdresser from Strangeways taking my temperature!

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