How to clear your money story with forgiveness.

An important part of money coaching can be forgiveness.   Getting stuck in a story means we are continually repeating the thing that we don’t want. This then draws more of what we don’t want into our lives, care of the Reticular Activating System, the match maker in our brain. 

It’s so important to choose your new thoughts and feelings and stop deferring to that angry old story.  The conscious part of you want to expand and story keeps us in the old energy of not being able to expand where you are fighting yourself and a house divided against itself falls.

A Forgiveness Letter helps you create a new reality by consciously changing your thoughts and feelings.

This morning a client told me that when I had suggested she wrote a forgiveness letter as part of her coaching, she had thought it was a crazy idea but because she has invested in working with me, she begrudgingly wrote the letter!   These aren’t comfortable to write, you have to be ready then they flow. They usually involve writing to someone  or something who you have felt very hurt by and still hold a lot of resentment towards.  

My Forgiveness Letter Story

After my sister Heather died in 2009, I was incredibly angry and that stress turned into inflammation and one of the worst eczema outbreaks of my life.  I couldn’t work for some weekss, my hair fell out, I didn’t sleep for months. I had to take Temazepam just to get to sleep at night and I lived on antihistamines.

A kinesiologist, the lovely Celeste told me I needed to write forgiveness letters to myself and my sister and I added a couple of other people, who I thought were even more important to let go of to the mix.  

One Sunday I knew I was ready and wrote two of the letters.  It was emotional and tearful. I then burnt them in my garden. 

A letter came back to me.

Just three days later, on the Wednesday I received a letter from someone I had written to.  It was as if he had received my letter, not the angry parts but the general message and was replying to me.  I had sent no letter but that energy had been released and had affected him and released him too.  It was profound and proof that, in the words of an early spiritual business mentor of mine, Jennifer McClean, TSW.. “This Shit Works”! 

When I’m explaining this to clients to encourage them to do this I always tell them about my experience, and usually they trust me and experience their own magic.   My client today said the same.  She went from cynical and angry to unlocked and full of potential and opened up a new part of her life that is making her very happy.

How to write a forgiveness letter.

  • You write, preferably freehand on paper and get it all out, every little detail. “You said this, you were so nasty, I felt..etc.   Write everything, no holes barred. 
  • Read the letter out loud.
  • Burn it.   Safely of course!    

I have a template I can share with you. Email me and I’ll send you a copy.

Connecting to your money story.

Nothing will keep your finances stuck more than stuck energy.  Anything we can do to release our anger and resentment, our fears and inadequacies will pay dividends.

I add, this is just a small but valuable part of money coaching.  There is much more so if you would like to have a chat about your money story, please book yourself a free Discovery Call here. 

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