I’ve been helping my coaching clients create programmes and price them recently and it’s a bit of a learning curve for them, especially when they haven’t had to ask for money before or put a own value on the thing you do.

Here are three tips to create your offers!
1. Watch your language! You can undervalue your service just by the words you use when you talk about it.

Your client is “investing” in themselves through you, to create a better future. You’re not a commodity like a bag of potatoes to be purchased so let’s use terms like Investment rather then price or cost.
“The investment for this programme is….

2. List all the benefits your client will receive from working with you. Think wide and life-long! 

A health coach helps clients create new habits that can last a lifetime. Health changes literally help someone live longer, dramatically change many lives, not just the one client’s life. Think of the ripple effect.

When I was a reflexologist charging £50 a session or £180 for a course of four, I helped so many couples go from desperate to have a baby to holding their own child in a year or so.. what’s the value of at? As they say in the advert, Priceless!

This doesn’t necessarily that you add a zero to your fees, (although one day you might) but it will mean that you can quote your fees with commitment and certainty which will be attractive to your prospective client.

3. Put a value on your time. Work out how long it really takes to do that piece of work, to see the client.

It’s a lot more than you think when you include driving, preparation, research. And what’s the “opportunity cost?” That’s an economics term that means what else you could be doing with that time?

Maybe you could you be earning money elsewhere? Or you might be doing marketing and generating more business or spending that time with your family.

Let me know your thoughts and if you would like to chat more about creating your packages or  putting prices together, email me at info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or book yourself a discovery session here. 

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