Ten life lessons I’ve learnt from dogs.

I want to be more poodle. The world needs much more poodle energy.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we have more dogs now.  After watching them, making many new friends this last year, especially in  Lockdown, I know without a doubt, they are here to teach us.

Here are ten lessons I learnt from my doggy friends this last year.  Do add yours in the comments please!

1.      Not to take myself too damn seriously.  The purpose of life is to have fun.

2.      Everyone is a potential new friend.  Greet first, judge later. Innocent until proven guilty.

(As children we are taught not to speak to strangers. I don’t question the logic but I think it goes deep into our subconscious and makes going to networking meetings very challenging!)

3.      It’s good to show your excitement, preferably with your whole body.  Even if you’re not sure why you’re excited.

4.      Exercise is really good, to be relished and so is sleep.

5.      The sea is for paddling in.  Get in while you can.  The B*******s won’t let you on the beach if you have fur between April and October.

6.      Forgive easily and don’t bear a grudge.

7.      Start each new day with enthusiasm. Why hold back?

8.      If you meet another dog you like, stop and PLAY!

9.      Be in the moment. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday or will be going on tomorrow. That worry will probably never happen anyway.

10.  Finally, enjoy your body and all your senses. Stop and sniff when something is enticing.  Ask for and accept affection whenever you can. Lean on a stranger.  The feel of wind on your fur is just ecstasy!

What life lessons have you learnt from your dog, cat or parrot? Do tell in the comments!  The world needs far more poodle energy!

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Rosemary Cunningham is a helps heart centred business women own their worth and create businesses that bring them abundance, joy AND contribute to our changing world.  She is also a money coach, helping women make peace with money so they can charge well for their services with ease.

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