If you find saving money challenging, here are some tips to start, wherever you are in your life and finances.
If you find saving easy, you Accumulator types,  this isn’t for you but it might be for the person who drives you mad as they never save any money!
Would you love to have some money saved just in case of emergencies? In the rather expensive, tempting world, not many people do have savings and it’s something we can start to remedy immediately by starting a new mindset and habit, one that will grow and grow.
Saving is a habit and a mindset and if you’re thinking you can’t afford to save, it’s not about the amount, it’s the regularity and the commitment to yourself. .
What we focus on expands so any regular saving, even £1 at a time, will start a new mindset for you, the saver mindset, your money will love the attention and it will carry on expanding. This is about energy and the 1% Rule. Change your behaviour by 100% every day and over a year, everything will have shifted.
When I work with clients who have debt, we always begin by creating a cushion of money that will cover at first one month’s bills, then expand that onto three months bills. The safety and security of having at least a couple of months bill money covered, is huge and doable. When we tell the Universe what we want to create and take the first small steps, the next will be revealed to us and then the next.
So, if you’re not saving, I encourage you to find an account, one that you can’t get your hands on easily and start to put something aside, even a very small amount, every week or month, whatever works for you.
Then, you’re a Saver!! Congratulate yourself, feel really good about it, praise yourself as if you were a child starting a new habit and determine this new habit will continue to grow.
Rosemary Cunningham is a Money, Marketing and Soul Coach, based in Essex, England.  She specialises in helping women entrepreneurs, especially therapists and coaches to run businesses they love with ease and space.   If you would like a complimentary Money and Marketing Discovery Call, email info@rosemarycunningham.co.uk or book your call here.
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