Money Breakthough Session £97 Thrive Special!

Want to take a deep look at your money mindset, clear out the cobwebs that are holding you back from owning your worth?

This Money Breakthrough is for you!

A sixty minute, deep but supported exploration of you and your relationship with money.

You’ll finish with a new mindset that will take you into the next decade.

“I can’t believe we did all that in 45 minutes. These are things that I’ve been working on for years”. Christina Costa.

“The Money Breakthrough session opened my eyes and my heart to my very negative money story. Rosemary gently guided me to be brave enough to look at what was holding me back from my past. .. From this point I have seen my whole attitude to money change, every day brings a new awareness. .. whatever you invest financially comes straight back to YOU. Anne-Marie Wickham.

Your Investment, £97. Value, add several zeros!

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