Business Coaching

Success Signature Activation

The Soul Signature discovery process she took me through is absolutely amazing – not only did it unveil my soul signature (and it’s a word that took me by surprise even though it describes me perfectly), but it also helped me visualize my Heart Chamber so clearly that I now know exactly which color scheme to choose for my new brand. What’s more, all of this happened in under 30 minutes!

Identifying my ideal client using intuition

“We worked on identifying my ideal client, focussing on using intuition and listening to my heart, and opening up possibilities.

… Rosemary helped me find the power within myself”  Harriet Stack.

Money Coaching

“I have made huge progress in setting up positive feelings around money. I have become much more confident and happy in myself and my approach. The exercises and resources Rosemary shared with me were very revealing and powerful in shifting my thinking.”
Charlie Damonsing 

“18 months ago I invested in Rosemary’s course and still today I am benefiting hugely. This has removed all of the emotion I had with money and my friends are even questioning me how I manage so easily compared to before.”
Ellie Kirby

Money Mastery coaching

Rosemary’s coaching has helped inspire me to take action and to be accountable daily for all that I am creating in my life. I look forward to her calls weekly and the growth that I am experiencing as a result.

Money Coaching helps Cheryl, fine artist.

Working with Rosemary (for money coaching) is exciting and it’s truly a precious gift that I value highly.

Investing in this work has taught me many things…

Money Coaching when launching a business in Thailand

“Rosemary puts a great deal of time and effort into her therapy and her coaching. She goes the extra mile.

Tony and me considered ourselves rather hopeless in the business world in many respects but now we are on our way to becoming entrepreneurs.

Really loving it. So worth investing in this coaching. Thank u Rosemary xx”

Business coaching for complementary therapist.

I truly appreciate your nurturing & positive in-put over the last months.

Rosemary combines an array of tools, knowledge & wisdom to support you on your journey.
Her nurturing and heart-centred support has been enormously helpful at times when I was going through doubt and lack of direction.. focusing you back on what’s important with your best interest at heart.”   Carmen V.

Become A Mistress Of Money Mastery, by Jo Shaer


I came to understand why I feel the way I do around money. And, in particular, around the question ‘How much do you charge?’   I came away feeling much more comfortable … I was able to visualise and verbalise the value of what I can bring to the table as a business owner.


Branding with Archetypes

Branding with archetypes is a unique half day programme which helps you find the true essence, the DNA and personality of your business.

Rosemary helps entrepreneurs and professionals capture the spirit, personality and passion of who they are, and integrate it into the marketing of their business.  She has helped me uncover my unique brilliance in a supportive, creative and fun way.  I highly recommend Rosemary.

Merflor Toneatto, Certified Professional Coach – Business & Life Coaching

Help for struggling kinesiology business.

My therapy business was in slow decline, in fact it had stopped.   After 4 one hourly sessions with Rosemary my business is in full swing, 14 clients in 1 week.   More than I have had in 16 years of being a kinesiologist.

This lady has truly remarkable abilities in bringing out the best in a person, both in a business sense and in uncovering the confidence that we all lack from time to time.

From work slave to independent and optimistic! Retired head teacher.

I feel like a different person – lighter, more carefree and confident. Rosemary helped me transition from work-slave to independent & optimistic.

Sacred Money Archetypes Business coaching

“Two weekends ago I sat down with rosemary, in two weeks time we will be opening our doors to a totally new business.

I am a 50 year old woman who has been through the ups and downs of life like the rest of us, I have been self employed since my mid twenties and have had to reinvent myself on several occasions!! I have been a successful therapist for the past 10 years but business was not as buoyant as it was and I was getting concerned as my business was beginning to take its toll on my physique. I knew I needed to find something else, but what? I felt stuck and the few ideas I had had seemed to have become blind alleys.”