I was delighted to receive this fabulous testimonial today from Karen Lawrence who is an Essex based therapist with a lovely new yoga studio and a very new practice. Karen has been working with me since September 2019 and her business has taken off so well. Here are Karen’s words!

“I have just completed 3 months business coaching with Rosemary, and I have immediately signed up for another 6 months!  Rosemary is intuitive, knowledgeable and supportive.  Her skills and experience are well aligned with my holistic business.

Rosemary has helped me explore branding, focus and direction for my growing business.  She knows how to challenge and to reassure, and working with her has greatly fostered my confidence as a businesswoman.

I now feel much more stable and balanced in my business.  Rosemary has helped me discern where best to apply my time and energy to get positive results and growth.

Working with Rosemary has enabled me to earn reliable income from my business so that I feel able to draw money for savings, spending and family treats for the first time.  I am now saving £1000 per month from my business into a personal ISA account, and I have just booked a family holiday to EuroDisney, paid for by my business profits.  I feel a new sense of financial freedom and confidence.

I would highly recommend Rosemary as a caring and empathetic business coach.

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